metaBeratung CEO Nicole Neubauer Featured in Spiegel Wissen

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 11.32.45 AMNicole Neubauer, CEO of metaBeratung, an official Hogan distributor in Europe, was recently featured in an article for Spiegel Wissen, one of Germany’s most prominent journals. The article, “Training Charisma: Do I Have the Julia Roberts Smile?” recounts Neubauer’s professional development and her rise to CEO of metaBeratung.

During an interview for the article, Neubauer reflected on her personality and the importance of reputation to her career path. As an introvert, she found that the path to her current position was a long one. She had to train herself to be charismatic and comfortable in a leadership position. She had to learn how to become more relaxed and self-confident when speaking in front of groups, holding keynotes, or otherwise taking the lead.

Today, Neubauer is pleased with the progress she has made in her professional development, and she says that constant learning and self-improvement are integral to career growth. She credits Hogan’s personality assessments with helping her to learn about her reputation and adapt her behavior to maximize her leadership potential.

“Thanks to Hogan Assessment Systems (who we are proud to distribute since 2005), your assessments helped me understand my strengths, weaknesses, and main drivers,” she posted on LinkedIn. “Fine-tuning behavior by coaching, I am what I am today: CEO of a management consultancy who is pushing personality out there for the past almost 15 years with a great team [at] metaBeratung.”