PCL to Host Dysfunctional Leadership Conference on November 14 in London

Untitled-1*This post was authored by Gillian Hyde, Director at Psychological Consultancy Ltd.

Destructive leadership can take many forms, from the specific counterproductive tendencies associated with an individual’s dark side profile to a simple failure to take on the responsibilities of a leader.

Register for the Dysfunctional Leadership Conference to hear these themes explored by experts in assessment, psychology and executive coaching.  


Leadership effectiveness is often seen as an elusive, undefinable quality – something only a few will ever achieve. Dysfunctional leadership, on the other hand, is pervasive and a routine part of many people’s everyday working lives.

Social interaction exposes our vulnerabilities – and particularly social interaction at work where performance is key and the stakes are high. To succeed at work we have to perform, and for some of us this performance is much more of a challenge than it is for others.

These insecurities will impact on our ability to lead and manage others at work and cause many leaders to operate in a destructive fashion – maybe because of the negative impact of specific counterproductive behaviours such as arrogance or mistrust, maybe because of a particular state they are in (e.g. bereavement) but also sometimes because the leader is simply not capable of taking on the mantel of responsibility that comes with the territory.

PCL is delighted to announce the Dysfunctional Leadership Conference being held in London on November 14 where these themes will be discussed. 


Gillian Hyde, Director of PCL, will be introducing the day’s events, setting the scene and facilitating the afternoon workshop with Darin Nei and Trish Kellett.


Scott Gregory, CEO of Hogan Assessment Systems, will be speaking at the conference on the topic of absentee leadership  – having a leadership position while avoiding engaging in any leadership behaviours – and how this can have even further reaching effects than dark side leadership, for example, resulting in persistently lower levels of job satisfaction in subordinates.

Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology at University College London, will be discussing why leaders fail and derail, focusing on the dark side of personality.

Anne Scoular, Founding Director of Meyler Campbell, will be speaking about the impact of bereavement on a leader’s performance with specific reference to Queen Victoria.


To register for the conference please click here.

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