RELEVANT’S and Odgers Berndtson´s JAM SESSION in Frankfurt to Feature Robert Hogan and Scott Gregory

JamSesion Odgers Posting 04072019_EN

RELEVANT Managementberatung and Odgers Berndtson will host a JAM SESSION on July 4 in Frankfurt featuring Hogan Assessments Chairman & President Dr. Robert Hogan and former CEO Scott Gregory as speakers.

The theme of the event is “New Leadership? Authentic in Turbulent Times,” and aims to provide an opportunity for all RELEVANT and Odgers customers, partners, and friends to come together, learn from case studies, and discuss how leadership in times of continued transformation might change.

With New Work expected to change everything, leadership faces completely new challenges. It is clear that there is insecurity in executive search and selection, management development, and career planning about which success factors from the past (may) still apply in the future and where new approaches are necessary. Even current managers are asking themselves whether they are fit for the future. Therein lies the purpose of this event: What can we learn from the past and how can leaders be successful and authentic in the future?

In addition to Hogan and Gregory, other featured speakers for talks and interactive breakout sessions at the event include RELEVANT Managing Director Rene Kusch, Daniel Nerlich of Odgers Berndtson, Dr. Niklas Friedrich of Vodafone, Jana Schlinsog of Daimler, Dr. Matthias Lichtblau of CMS Legal Services EEIG, Sebastian Henrichs of Fondsdepot Bank, Dr. Kevin-Lim Jungbauer of Beiersdorf, and Marcus K. Reif, one of Germany’s leading HR thought leaders.

We do hope that our friends in Germany and throughout Europe are able to attend this very special event. The price to attend is €99 plus VAT, and you can click here to register. We’ll see you there!