Hogan Remains Committed to Equal Opportunity

A low-angle photo of the US Supreme Court building against a cloudy backdrop accompanies a statement about Hogan's position on a recent ruling that invalidated race-conscious admissions programs at colleges and universities. Hogan is committed to equal opportunity, irrespective of changes in affirmative action legislation.

The recent US Supreme Court decision invalidating race-conscious admissions programs at colleges and universities marks a significant change for affirmative action. The implications of this decision extend beyond higher education to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce.

At Hogan Assessments, we are completely committed to our founding principles of social justice and fair hiring practices, irrespective of changes in affirmative action legislation. Our core purpose is to help people and organizations succeed using data-driven talent insights. Implicit in our purpose is that success should be accessible to all rather than a select few.

Aligned with these values, we will continue to use our assessments to provide unbiased evaluations of potential and predict workplace performance. We will continue to enable organizations to make equitable decisions about people, and we will continue to help organizations identify and develop leaders who will create and sustain inclusive workplaces.

We will always prioritize equal opportunity in our business practices. We urge all our clients, partners, and stakeholders to join us in advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Read our full DEI statement to learn more about our position.