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Using 360-Degree Assessments with Personality for Leadership Development

A person wearing a gray suit with a red tie and white shirt leans against a table with arms crossed, smiling slightly at the camera. Behind the person is a wall with a grid of colored sticky notes. Two other people work on laptops at the table. The people are participating in a leadership development program using 360-degree assessments and personality assessments for leader development.

The best leadership development programs give leaders a snapshot of where they’re at now and a motion picture of where they need to develop in the future. Combining personality assessments with 360-degree assessments is the key to unlocking this panoramic perspective. Jayson Blair, a member of the Hogan Coaching Network, explains how.

Coaching in Context: A Tale of Two C-suite Execs


This is an insightful story about how the power of multiple datapoints come together in a lesson of complementary work styles. Be sure to tune in to our collaborative webinar on this topic on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, beginning at 12:00 p.m. ET.