Field Guide to SIOP II

The original Field Guide to SIOP blog post was a hit so I’ve added a few additional species you may encounter at SIOP this year. Please enjoy this second installment.

Field Guide to SIOP

It’s April again, which means three things – taxes are due, my March madness bracket is hanging by a thread, and SIOP season is here! Every year, I look forward to SIOP for the opportunity to present recent Hogan research, the chance to attend sessions and learn about other advances in the I-O community, and… Read more »

Hogan to Present at the 28th Annual SIOP Conference

If you’re attending the 28th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology in April, check out some of our esteemed Hogan colleagues as they present our latest research.

SIOP 2012 Session: Do Values Really Differ by Generation? A Multi-Assessment Review

  Drs. Kevin Meyer and Jeff Foster will participate in a group forum discussing one of the most popular topics in management training and development – managing workers from different generations. Results will be presented that represent a unique and comprehensive examination of generational differences in individual workplace values and interests to test the popular assumption… Read more »

SIOP 2012 Session – Theory-Driven, Personality-Based Leadership Development

  Drs. Robert and Joyce Hogan will be joined by Robert Kaiser of Kaiser Leadership Solutions, Darren Overfield of Kaplan DeVries, Inc, Maret Kassner and Rene Kusch of Metaberatung GmbH, Michael Benson of Johnson & Johnson, and Peter Moser of Swissport International Ltd, to present 4 integrated presentations on the topic of theory-driven, personality-based leadership… Read more »