Sustaining a Resilient Workforce

Talent Solutions for the Energy and Utilities Industry


Grid destabilization, cyberattacks, the retirement exodus, digitization, climatic events — the energy and utilities industry must prepare for an unpredictable future. While the demand for many types of technical skills is expected to remain in flux, one thing is immutable: personality determines many of the innate skills that drive success in energy and utilities. To acquire (and retain) people who can adapt, innovate, solve problems, keep calm in a crisis, or readily learn new skills, it’s time to refine your talent management strategy.

Utilities_1 in 4

1 in 4

The number of utility workers expected to retire by 2023

Utilities_54 Percent


The amount of energy organizations identifying reskilling needs

How We Can Help

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Make Decisions with Data

Efficient talent acquisition is critical to competing in a small candidate pool. But efficiency isn’t about haste — it’s about data. With the world’s largest database of personality research, we can tell you what it takes to succeed in any job role. Let us crunch the numbers so you can select people who are equipped to do the work you need today but ready to reskill tomorrow.


Retain and Engage Top Talent

Lack of career progression opportunities is a primary factor driving as many as 43% of energy workers to consider leaving the industry. The solution for retaining your best employees is simple: help them cultivate strategic self-awareness and work toward their goals. In the process, you’ll see greater organizational productivity, maximize engagement, and develop a stronger succession pipeline.

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Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Women, Black people, and Latinx people are all underrepresented in the energy and utilities workforce. Moreover, nearly four in 10 Black energy workers say workplace bias is their biggest career challenge. Incorporating personality into your talent strategies can help build and retain a diverse workforce, plus create lasting cultural change so employees are included and heard.


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See how Hogan helped an electricity reduce workplace accidents by 54%.