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In areas where pandemic restrictions are easing, estimates suggest that as many as one in four workers is considering quitting and searching for a new job. Coupled with the ongoing, intensifying worker shortage, this underscores the need for companies to be competitive to attract the best job candidates. Unsurprisingly, companies are focusing more than ever on creating a positive candidate experience to make their brands more attractive. Many make bets that flashy technology and a gamified assessment process will create a better experience than more traditional approaches to candidate evaluation, but do technology and games really improve the candidate experience? What do candidates really want?

In this webinar, we’ll consider these questions from candidates’ perspectives — more than 2,000 of them — as we discuss results from our recent global candidate survey. You’ll find out which parts of the hiring process most positively and negatively impact candidates’ view of a company, their preferences for types of assessments, what they find enjoyable, what they find fair, and how these results differ across demographics and locales. Be prepared for these oncoming changes in employment; join former Hogan CEO Scott Gregory, PhD, and Chief Science Officer Ryne Sherman, PhD, for this important talk. 


Host: Scott Gregory, PhD & Ryne Sherman, PhD