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If you’ve ever been tasked with developing a pipeline of high-performing future leaders, you know that finding those “hidden gems” is no small feat. Too often, when organizations identify high potentials, they focus on emergence—looking for people who stand out, build connections, and influence others. But this is a mistake. At Hogan, we’ve developed a research-based model for identifying high-potential talent that balances three critical dimensions: emergence, effectiveness, and leadership foundations. We’ve also closely studied the characteristics of effective leaders in high-pressure situations, giving us a one-of-a-kind take on solutions for the high-risk, high-visibility challenges organizations face at this unique moment in history. In this webinar, we’ll let you in on what we’ve learned, and afterward, you’ll have a valid, easily applicable framework for finding your organization’s “diamonds in the rough.”


Host: Pradnya Parasher, Jennifer Lowe & Holly Paine Magnuson