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Workplace changes that were initially forced by the COVID-19 pandemic have produced clear benefits for many organizations and their employees. McKinsey & Company, Harvard Business Review, and many others have recently covered employment trends and business insights that have emerged from the ongoing global crisis. One theme is common: Remote work and the use of technology for facilitating connection — from professional meetings, to informal happy hours, to family visits — will continue to prevail postpandemic.

In this webinar, Senior Hogan Consultants Jennifer Lowe and Jocelyn Hays will explore how personality characteristics affect individual experience and effectiveness in the new world of work. Join us to learn how everyday personality characteristics can impact reputation virtually, along with corresponding development opportunities to help every employee succeed in remote work. Considering the competencies that are likely to become increasingly critical at organizations where remote work is prominent, we’ll identify ways leaders and employees can work together to build a strong team culture outside the four walls of an office.


Host: Jennifer Lowe, MA & Jocelyn Hays, MS