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We all have derailers, or strengths that become weaknesses when we stop self-managing during times of stress or pressure. For some of us, derailing means confidence turns into grandiosity; for others, independence turns into withdrawal. Similarly, our job contexts and the situations that cause stress can vary considerably from person to person — and this is not to mention how much our other personality characteristics, values, and motivators can vary. All of this nuance means there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for any type of behavioral change, so every coaching initiative must be tailored to the individual.
In this webinar, three experts from the Hogan Coaching Network — Brian Chitester, Elaine Kamm, and Kristie Wright — will share compelling case studies that demonstrate successful coaching initiatives. Join us to hear stories about different ways situational context, personality data, and strategic planning can come together to help people improve their performance and achieve success in their careers.


Host: Brian Chitester, MS; Elaine Kamm, MS; and Kristie Wright, PhD