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When disruption such as a global pandemic occurs, challenges that were once masked by soaring profits and rising stock prices can become exposed. Leaders who previously thrived are suddenly without a playbook—yet are expected to continue leading effective teams while improving the bottom line. But what separates the leaders who rise to the occasion from those who don’t? The answer is versatility.

According to a series of studies conducted since the COVID-19 outbreak began, leaders with a limited range of capabilities have been overwhelmed, while versatile leaders navigated the upheaval by helping their people and teams regroup, refocus, and continue to produce. The bad news is that versatility is rare. The good news is that it can be learned, coached, and developed.

In the next edition of The Science of Personality Live, hosts Ryne Sherman, PhD, and Blake Loepp are joined by Rob Kaiser, MS, president of Kaiser Leadership Solutions, to discuss leadership versatility, how to assess it, and how to develop this crucial metacompetency for leading in a disruptive world. Register today!


Host: Ryne Sherman, PhD & Blake Loepp | Guest: Rob Kaiser, MS