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The Origins of Derailment

Jon Bentz pioneered the study of managerial derailment when he launched a 30-year study of failed managers in the late 1970s at Sears. Bentz presented his research at the Center for Creative Leadership in the early 1980s. Bentz noted that they were uniformly bright and socially skilled; they failed because they:

Good Managers

Ever heard the phrase, “employees leave their bosses, not their jobs”? Bad managers are easy to spot, but good managers are more difficult to identify. Because staff engagement is most strongly linked to the behavior of leaders, it is paramount that we recognize what makes a good manager good and a bad manager bad.

The Email Black Hole

Are you convinced you are too busy to keep up with your inbox?

Movie Quote of the Month

Every now and then we come across a piece of pop culture that perfectly captures what we do here at Hogan. This one is from the 1984 John Hughes classic, “The Breakfast Club.”