Author: KPederson

Hogan Attends ATP Conference

Hogan has been an integral part of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) since its formation. This year, five members of Hogan including Tomas Chamarro-Premuzic, CEO and Partner; Blaine Gaddis, Senior Manager of Product Research; Kimberly Nei, Manager of Client Research; Jennifer Lowe, Manager of Corporate Solutions and Krista Pederson, Director Asia Pacific Business Development,… Read more »

Chats from China: Cross Cultural Questions

China is home to over half a million foreigners, many of whom are here for business. Multinational corporations doing business in China, as well as Chinese companies who are going global, all face questions regarding talent within a multicultural setting.

Chats from China: An Intro

As global company with market presence in 57 countries, Hogan has experienced energetic growth in Asia, and specifically China, for over two decades. With this in mind, Hogan dedicated my position fully to serving this expanding market.

Mythbusters Series: Right-Brained vs. Left-Brained

Sorry folks, there is no such thing as being right-brained or left-brained. The myth that people’s personalities and skills are based on the dominant side of their brain has been the darling of the pop psychology world for years, spurring on the creation of numerous internet quizzes and facebook posts. But contrary to popular belief,… Read more »

Global Norms: A Global Solution for the Global Economy

At Hogan we say that reputation is everything. In the workplace the way others view your behavior is much more meaningful than how you view yourself. But this begs the question, who are these “others” that are viewing me, and does my reputation change if the group of “others” change? The answers lie in the… Read more »