Embracing Inclusive Leadership in Vietnam

An aerial photograph of Ho Chi Minh City at night. The photo accompanies a blog post about a trip Hogan took to visit a distributor, Talent Assessments Vietnam. During the trip, Hogan discussed inclusive leadership in Vietnam.

Last month, the Hogan team was given a warm welcome by distributor Talent Assessments Vietnam (TAV) when we joined them on a whirlwind tour across the country. This trip was an excellent opportunity to continue the positive progress that TAV has already made. TAV planned a productive schedule, including launching their first Hogan Assessments Certification workshops, promoting thought leadership events, and conducting several business development meetings.

The vibrant, bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi provided exciting backdrops for the duration of the trip. Krista Pederson, Hogan’s managing director of Asia-Pacific business development, and Dan Bass, solutions manager at TAV, presented their perspectives on inclusive leadership. They discussed how scientifically validated assessments can help promote equitable selection practices and foster an inclusive organizational culture. Interestingly, Vietnam is already on the path to inclusive leadership due to the diversity among its business leaders. Globally, Vietnam has one of the highest proportions of women in the workforce.1 The country also beats the global average for women in senior leadership positions.2 Nathan Cornwell, MS, Hogan’s senior consultant for the Asia-Pacific region, also joined in supporting meetings and workshops to share how Hogan can provide businesses with a competitive advantage.

Fueled on Vietnamese coffee and feeling Inquisitive, the team took the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture whenever possible. They sampled the cuisine, explored different city districts, and even experienced a light (but fortunately harmless) taxi collision.

Given the unique opportunities in Vietnam, Hogan plans to continue expansion in this market. As we collect more data, we will study the nuances of Vietnamese leadership styles and leaders’ personality trends.

We are delighted to be partnered with TAV and are excited to continue supporting their impressive growth in the market.

This blog post was written by Nathan Cornwell, MS, senior consultant, and Krista Pederson, managing director.


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