Hogan Launches New Online Post-Certification Course

In response to overwhelming customer demand, we have launched a new online Level 1 Hogan Certification course that will serve as a post-certification “refresher” program for Hogan-Certified users. The program will be geared toward the review and reinforcement of basic Hogan interpretation skills gained in the Level 1 Hogan Certification Program.Certification Banner

“With approximately 50,000 Hogan-Certified professionals across the globe, it became clear that our users were hungry for a way to hone their skills and continue to learn more about the Hogan Assessment Suite,” says Jackie VanBroekhoven Sahm, Hogan’s Director of Global Learning. “This new program gives them that opportunity at their fingertips.”

The web course provides Hogan users with a thorough review of all 28 scales across Hogan’s three core assessments: Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI); Hogan Development Survey (HDS); and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI). The course begins with a diagnostic assessment of the learner’s current knowledge of the Hogan scales, and offers appropriate tutorials to strengthen and reinforce interpretation of the Hogan Assessment Suite.

The course will include challenging exercises to both assess and teach scale meanings and their performance implications. Additionally, informational feedback is provided throughout the course to guide interpretive thinking versus rote recitation.

“We’re really excited to launch this new program, but we’re even more excited that we have thousands of Hogan users who already see the value in it,” says Sahm. “It confirms that our users understand the importance of personality assessment and its role in the future of talent management and leadership development.”

The price of the course is $195 USD, and is available via Hogan’s On-Demand Learning Course Catalog. For more information, contact training@hoganassessments.com.