Leader Focus Report: View Leadership Through the Right Lens

Hogan is excited to launch the Leader Focus Report, a new solution designed to provide leaders with self-insight into their leadership style and strengths so they are able to plan their career and lead teams effectively.


Most organizations classify career advancement as transitioning into a series of people leadership roles. But, what does that mean for an organization’s high performers whose strengths are not aligned with the abilities to manage themselves and others effectively?

“Not everybody is meant to be a good people leader, but there are other leadership styles that could really determine if a person will be a successful manager or leader,” says Hogan CEO Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. “It is important for organizations to work out what leadership style employees will display and what roles are a good fit for their personal leadership style.”

The Leader Focus Report aims to simplify and provide insight into six leadership dimensions that influence leadership style and effectiveness:

  • Results Leader — Key focus is on winning. They set high goals for themselves and others, and may sacrifice relationships to achieve outcomes.
  • People Leader — Key focus is on relationships. They are skilled at building and maintaining relationships with others, but may struggle at handling conflict and holding staff accountable.
  • Process Leader — Key focus is on implementation. They focus on creating, following and enforcing policies, but may resist change and innovation.
  • Thought Leader — Key focus is on ideas. Skilled in idea generation and strategic problem-solving, but may resist change and innovation.
  • Social Leader — Key focus is on people. Skilled at communicating, networking and developing connections, but may not listen effectively.
  • Data Leader — Key focus is on information. Strong analytical leadership style, but may rely too heavily on numbers and resist intuitive decision making.

These six dimensions outline how a leader manages self, career, and relationships, priorities on which a leader will focus, and how he or she will define success. Grounded in decades of global research on leader performance, the Leader Focus Report is designed to help an organization’s leaders understand their reputation and unique brand using data rather than intuition.

“I think it’s important that organizations become more data-driven in their talent identification efforts,” says Chamorro-Premuzic. “Particularly when they need to decide which employees can become good managers or leaders. Leader Focus will provide a more rigorous and accurate approach to talent identification.”

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