Hogan Announces Digit’Ed as New Distributor

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Hogan is excited to announce Digit’Ed as the newest member of the Hogan International Distributors Network, covering the market for personality assessments in Italy.

Headquartered in Milan, Digit’Ed offers talent management solutions, including development and coaching. Since its founding in 2022, Digit’Ed has brought together the best Italian training entities, becoming the largest training hub in Italy and one of the leading players in Europe. Digit’Ed is further strengthened with the recent acquisition of HumanAge, a distributor of Hogan’s personality assessments that supports organizations in their talent development and talent acquisition programs.

“We are pleased to have Digit’Ed as our new distributor in Italy,” said Garrett Shaffer, Hogan’s regional director of Europe. “Hogan’s international distributors are the cornerstone of our global strategy. They were carefully selected to provide high-quality talent management solutions to our clients. With Digit’Ed, we share a vision of excellence and innovation in the field of assessment and talent management.”

With its deep experience and education network, Digit’Ed is the go-to education hub on the Italian market. By acquiring HumanAge, Digit’Ed has expanded its offerings to include employee potential assessment services and talent development paths, focusing on the skills and competencies crucial for addressing each company’s specific challenges.

“We are confident that from now on we will be able to provide even greater value to our customers,” said Valerio Momoni, chief corporate development and M&A officer at Digit’Ed. “Thanks to Hogan’s tools for personality assessment, Digit’Ed will offer innovative assessment paths, coaching, and development programs.”

Backed by more than 30 years of experience and a constantly growing network of partners, Digit’Ed combines resources, specialist skills, and advanced technology to build innovative learning experiences customized to its clients’ unique needs.