Reducing Unemployment by Helping Employers Find What they Want

Unemployment remains a significant societal issue, yet most organizations do not test job applicants for basic employability. To fill this gap, we are developing an assessment-based solution to help measure individual differences in abilities to gain and maintain a job in a formal organization. Our efforts focus on identifying and assessing the elements of personality related to being (a) Rewarding to deal with, (b) Able to learn and perform the job, and (c) Willing to work hard. Collectively, we refer to these three dimensions as the RAW model.


To date, we have developed scales to measure each dimension of the RAW model. Each scale shows adequate psychometric properties, construct validity, criterion-related validity in predicting aligned behaviors and job performance across job families, and shows no Adverse Impact against age, gender, and racial/ethnic groups. This solution is already in use in one of the world’s largest staffing and redeployment firms.