Solutions for Talent Management


Talent Acquisition

What if you could avoid bad hires, maximize talent potential, and seamlessly match candidate values with your company culture? Hogan makes it easy to spot top talent and avoid hires who present better than they perform. Our personality assessments decode the intricacies of candidate behavior to streamline your talent acquisition process with unbiased data. From preconfigured options to custom research profiles, Hogan offers a comprehensive suite of talent acquisition solutions.

Talent Development

Hogan believes the true value of professional development comes from strategic self-awareness. As the industry-leading experts, we’ve examined and developed solutions that provide critical insight into characteristics that facilitate individual success and characteristics that can cause failure and career derailment. Paired with feedback and coaching initiatives, our development products provide employees and leaders with the strategic self-awareness needed to improve performance and impact the effectiveness of their organizations.

High Potential & Succession Planning

What if your next CEO was diligently working away at his or her job, completely under the radar of anyone of significance? What if that talent were to go unnoticed? Imagine if this person were to receive a better offer from your competition! Hogan’s high-potential solutions help you fill your leadership pipeline with employees ready to take over as the next generation of managers and executives. We uncover the best talent that might be hiding in plain sight and give high potentials the strategic self-awareness they need to succeed.

Team Effectiveness

Negotiating the intricacies of team dynamics is a complicated problem that trust falls and ropes courses can’t solve. Hogan’s unique approach to team development examines the goals of the team and identifies how the different personalities within the team can help or hinder achieving those goals. Hogan gives you team-building solutions backed by decades' worth of personality research so you can build highly effective teams.


Assessment scores are more than just numbers on a page. Although they can provide some insight by themselves, the real value lies in the interpretation of behaviors to pinpoint the ways people can improve their work performance. Leverage our network of thoroughly vetted and trained coaches for a variety of engagements. Assessment interpretation and feedback bring the participant experience to life in a way that drives awareness, improves performance, and supports a rich talent development program.