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Robert Hogan on Good Judgment

“Personality is about what people do and judgment is about why they do it,” says Dr. Robert Hogan in this presentation given at Mentis Consulting’s Hogan Summit 2013. This 30-minute talk focuses on good judgment and decision making. Using examples and case studies from notable entrepreneurs and politicians around the world, Dr. Hogan illustrates how… Read more »

Drinks with Hogan | Identity vs. Reputation

In the first installment of our Drinks with Hogan video series, Global Alliances Consultant Rebecca Miller discusses identity, reputation, and the importance of strategic self-awareness to an individual’s ability to lead.

Selfie Vs Science

Two major online dictionary publishers released their choices for 2013’s Word of the Year. The contrast between these terms struck us as an excellent metaphor for a key tenet of personality assessment – identity versus reputation.

Hogan to Speak at SIOP 2014

It’s the start of a new year which means our researchers have already started preparing for SIOP 2014 where they will present recent Hogan research, attend sessions, and learn about other advances in the I-O community. As a little teaser preview to this year’s Hogan SIOP lineup, here are the dates and presentation titles of… Read more »

Hogan Welcomes New International Partner

We’re happy to announce a strategic partnership with ETC Consult, Dublin, who will expand our global network and provide quality assessment and consulting solutions to Ireland.

Get Hogan Certified in 2014

Countless organizations use our assessment solutions to help predict workplace performance and ensure they hire the right people, develop high potential talent and evaluate leadership potential, resulting in reduced turnover and increased productivity. The Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop is a comprehensive course designed to give HR professionals the insight needed to conduct detailed interpretation and… Read more »

CEO X 1 Day

What if you had been the head of a company your junior or senior year of college? Do you think it would have changed your career trajectory or given you more insight into leadership? That’s the idea behind Odgers Berndtson’s CEO X 1 Day. This month, the leading global executive Canadian search firm launched its… Read more »