Driving Future LATAM Organizations Forward: Personality Characteristics of High-Performing Leaders

Personality Characteristics of High-Performing Leaders

For the first time, Hogan has developed a science-based personality profile for leadership in the workplace specifically for the Latin America (LATAM) region. This profile is the best option for hiring and developing leaders in the region because it identifies the strengths, shortcomings, preferences, motives, and other personality characteristics of high-performing leaders.

Hogan partnered with local consulting firms in the LATAM region — namely Ateliê RH, Alto Impacto, Compass Consulting, HR Tools, and Thuoper — to improve selection accuracy and development for LATAM leaders. LATAM leaders are responsible for establishing broad policies, strategic planning, forecasting, and directing the work of their organizations.

Personality Characteristics of High-Performing Leaders

Hogan’s data science team worked with regional experts to develop a scientifically valid screening tool to improve the quality of leaders in LATAM. Hogan identified specific competencies, characteristics, and values that predict job success. Hogan built a custom personality profile using the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) that will enable companies to select higher-performing leader candidates.

Hogan found that leaders in the LATAM region emphasize the importance of teamwork by continually engaging in opportunities to learn, being supportive, and being willing to pitch in when needed. In addition, LATAM leaders need to balance a respect for the company history, but also innovation.

On one hand, this is important because there is a strong relationship between personality and performance in the workplace. The more we understand the characteristics and traits of leaders, the more we can predict their impact in organizations, including financial results. On the other hand, better leaders improve engagement among employees, and engaged employees are happier and produce better results as well. Hogan estimates that companies can improve the accuracy of their hiring by 28%, reducing bad hires by 14% and increasing successful hires by 14%, just by using this profile.

The LATAM leader profile can be implemented in any stage of the leadership life cycle within an organization, including recruitment, development, succession planning, and career reorientation. Hogan can provide a variety of personality- and competency-based reporting options to meet these needs.

To learn more about the Hogan LATAM Leader profile, contact your local Hogan distributor, or email info@hoganassessments.com.