A Week in Ho Chi Minh City with Talent Assessments Vietnam


In November, I spent a busy and productive week in Ho Chi Minh City with Talent Assessments Vietnam (TAV), one of Hogan’s newest distributors. TAV is a member of PACE Institute of Management, a highly regarded pioneer in business training, consulting, and business book publishing in Vietnam.

TAV is dedicated to the science of personality and has provided wonderful opportunities to enhance Hogan’s reputation in the market. While I was in Vietnam, I visited clients and prospects with TAV’s impressive consulting team, met with several CEOs of Vietnamese companies, and gave some presentations on leadership.

I had the opportunity to present about the science of personality at Talent Assessments Vietnam’s seminar. More than 130 business leaders attended to explore applying Hogan to their leadership selection and development challenges. Personality assessment is gaining recognition in Vietnam, and the interest in applying well-research methods is high. We were honored to be the focus of several business magazine articles and a Ho Chi Minh City TV news spot.

Hogan and Talent Assessments Vietnam also were sponsors for the 2022 SHRM Vietnam Summit, the theme of which was “Future of Talent: Write our New Human-Centric Story, Together.” PACE Founder and Chairman Dr. Gian Tu Trung opened the conference with a wonderful keynote about leadership, and I was honored to end the day with a presentation focused on leadership development. From our discussions, PACE, TAV, and Hogan share a passion for leadership and strong values about improving organizations through the leadership insights we provide.

In true Hogan fashion, hard work was balanced with leisure (including some yummy phở). At the end of the week, TAV consultant Nguyen Quy guided me through a visit to the Củ Chi tunnels and the War Remnants Museum—both sobering reminders of why leadership matters.

This blog post was authored by globally renowned psychologist Scott Gregory, PhD, during his tenure as Hogan’s CEO.