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The Science of Memory

A darkly lit photo of a police/law enforcement evidence room shows an evidence board with pinned photos, sticky notes, and more. A laptop and task lamp, both off, sit atop a desk below the bulletin board. Also on top of the desk are various files, papers, and a large binder. The photo accompanies a blog post about the science of memory, its relationship to personality, and the reliability of memory recall (both in the workplace and in criminal investigations using eyewitness testimony).

Personality can affect our memory. Other people’s memories can affect our memories too (and can even make them less accurate). Here’s how.

The Psychology of Patience

An analog clock against a canary yellow background. The clock is mint green with white numerals. Its hour arm is pointed at 12, and its minute arm is pointed betwee 11 and 12. It has no arm to measure seconds. The image accompanies a blog post about the psychology of patience and personality.

The psychology of patience suggests that patience might not be a virtue after all. Learn what it is and how to harness it to combat worrying.

Hogan’s Position on NYC Local Law 144

A photo of the New York City skyline glowing pink at dusk or dawn. The photo accompanies a statement about Hogan's position on NYC Local Law 144.

On July 5, 2023, the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection will begin enforcing the updated NYC Local Law 144, which requires employers to obtain a third-party bias audit for “automated employment decision tools.” Learn more.

Soft Skills Are Having a Moment

A bird's-eye view photo of an office space with brick walls, high ceilings, and tall windows through which bright light shines. A clock hangs on the wall in the left foreground of the photo. Below, a diverse group of employees are working at long tables on opposite sides of the room. The photo accompanies a blog post about soft skills or socioemotional skills having a "moment" in the literature, although these skills have always been important for leaders and talent in general.

Soft skills are having a moment right now. But it’s not truly a trend. Here’s why these socioemotional skills have always been fundamental for leadership performance.

Why Jung Matters

This photo shows a bird’s-eye view of a silhouette walking across a terrace. The person is walking in a sliver of light amid shadows. The photo signifies Carl Jung’s shadow archetype and accompanies an article about why Jung matters to personality psychology.

Carl Jung deserves a more prominent place in the study of psychology. Learn about why Jung matters to personality psychology.