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Why Jung Matters

This photo shows a bird’s-eye view of a silhouette walking across a terrace. The person is walking in a sliver of light amid shadows. The photo signifies Carl Jung’s shadow archetype and accompanies an article about why Jung matters to personality psychology.

Carl Jung deserves a more prominent place in the study of psychology. Learn about why Jung matters to personality psychology.

Why Freud Matters

Robert Hogan

Robert Hogan, PhD, our founder and president, explains why Freud matters to modern personality psychology using seven key ideas from Freudian theory.

Using AI to Interpret Hogan Scores

This graphic illustration has a background in gradients of gray blocks. Against the background is an icon of a piece of paper that has a red square on it with black circuits emerging from it. The image accompanies a statement about using artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT or another GPT, to interpret the Hogan personality assessments.

GPTs might be capable of interpreting personality assessment results, but they are often incorrect. Read our statement on why you shouldn’t use AI systems to interpret Hogan scores.

What the Dark Triad Misses

A photo, taken from an upward perspective, of three adjacent boulders. Where the tops of the boulders meet, a triangle of sunlight peeks through. Because the boulders are otherwise blocking the sun, they appear dark. The photo accompanies a blog post about the Dark Triad and dark-side personality characteristics.

The Dark Triad refers to narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. But those aren’t all the dark-side personality characteristics. What are the others?

Hogan to Present at SIOP 2023

A logo for the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), features a red bar graph with three columns each topped a blue dot above a curving gray and red arrow pointed upward. The logo also lists the conference location (Boston and Online) and dates (April 19-22, 2023).

Hogan is heading to SIOP 2023, where many employees will present on the latest in industrial-organizational psychology and personality. Learn where to find us at the conference.

AI in Psychology

An illustration of a brain divided into two halves. One half is black with red and white circles in it, and the other half is gray with black, red, and white parentheses in it. The gray half sits atop a black background with gray parentheses, and the black half sits atop a gray background with white lines. The illustration accompanies a blog post about AI in psychology.

You can’t avoid AI in psychology, coaching, or consulting, but you can learn to partner with it. Find out how.