Assessments Trusted by Half of the Fortune 500 

In a business environment where most companies have access to the same resources and technology, successful companies differentiate themselves through their committed and knowledgeable workforce.

Hogan’s development products use industry-leading personality assessments to identify work strengths, shortcomings, and core values. Based on that unique information, we provide development and managerial tips that ensure you get the most from your employees, and that they get the most out of their careers.


High Potential

Intended to help emergent leaders become more effective and effective leaders become more emergent, resulting in maximized leadership potential.

insight-series Insight Series

Explores a mid-level manager’s strengths, performance risks, and values, and can be used as a feedback tool for selection or development.

hogan-360 Hogan 360

Multi-rater feedback tool to help individuals and leaders at any level gain a better understanding of how they are perceived in the organization.

compass Compass

Identifies core values, compares them to benchmarks, and describes the type of environment they will be comfortable working in.

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