Talent thrives on feedback

Make it more than a “good job” to give your talent that competitive edge

Legitimate feedback improves performance

Our assessments are valid and genuinely measure day-to-day behavior

Leader Focus

Helps high performers identify their most prominent leadership style based on key personality characteristics.

Insight Series

Designed to provide in-depth feedback on strengths and weaknesses for middle managers who are on the ground and need to bridge the gap between management and staff while delivering results and reducing turnover.


Emotional intelligence is no less important than IQ in the workplace. Gauge participants’ ability to identify and manage their emotions, along with how effectively they respond to the emotions of others.


Determining what direction participants’ unconscious values are pointing toward will help them navigate workplace interactions and get their bearings so their careers can go full speed ahead.


Early career advice that identifies strengths, shortcomings, and behaviors in a diverse range of job categories and circumstances. This assessment also provides development tips for career management.

Need a Custom Solution?

Hogan has extensive experience in creating custom research solutions. Get in touch with us so we can learn about your career development needs and create a tailored scientific approach.

Grounded in more than 30 years of validated research

Hogan personality assessments were the first to scientifically measure personality for business.

Our solutions offer full insight into a participant’s predicted performance, so you can facilitate employee success by using the world’s most robust personality assessment data.

More Insight

Reveal how employees relate to others

Increase Cultural Alignment

Determine employee motivations

Retain Talent

Boost employee engagement

Manage Workforce

Supervise more effectively

Strengths + Weaknesses

Measure performance risks that can hinder success

Maximize Productivity

Inspire organizational success