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What Thenamaris Learned by Using Personality Assessments

A photograph of the SEARUBY, a ship owned by shipping company Thenamaris, from a front perspective. The SEARUBY is in motion with a foggy coastline in its background. The photo accompanies a blog post about what Thenamaris learned after using personality tests for talent development. Thenamaris's use of Hogan personality assessments for talent development led to a number of positive business outcomes outlined in the blog.

When Thenamaris discovered a need to strengthen talent development aboard its shipping vessels, the approach had to be grounded in science. Here’s what the shipping company learned from using Hogan’s personality assessments for leadership development at sea.

Understanding Elon

USAFA Hosts Elon Musk

In recent weeks, Elon Musk has faced enormous criticism for business decisions; however, nothing in his biography suggests Musk is narcissistic, malevolent, or experiencing psychosis.

CEO Behavior

The logo for The Science of Personality podcast, which discusses the personality of elite athletes in episode 45. Specifically, the podcast episode discusses personality test data Hogan collected from the 2021 and 2022 draft classes of NFL football players. This article covers what Hogan found about football players’ personalities.

CEO personality can lead to major corporate blunders. Materialism and rule breaking are two types of CEO behavior that can tacitly foster an environment of the same. So, what should organizations do?