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Career Success and Inequality

A black king chess piece and silver king chess piece against a neutral background. The silver piece is lying on its side, whereas the black is upright. The image accompanies a blog about inequality and determinants of career success.

Career success is full of inequality. What factors influence career success, and how can we help to minimize these inequalities? Find out here.

Measuring IQ and EQ

The roots of a mangrove tree are intertwined and reflected upon the black surface of a river in the nighttime. The image accompanies a blog post about measuring IQ and EQ.

What are the differences between IQ and EQ? This article discusses the meaning and measurement of intelligence and emotional intelligence.

How to Take a Personality Test

How to take a personality test

You can’t pass or fail on a personality test, but you can make mistakes. Read this article to learn tips for how to take a personality assessment.

Investor Personality

An investor reviews their investment data using a smartphone in one hand while holding a cup of coffee in the other. In front of them is a laptop displaying additional data.

Who is likely to invest in the stock market (and do so successfully)? This article presents research findings about investor personality.

2023 Derailers of the Year

Fireworks explode over a cityscape and a body of water at nighttime. In the foreground of the photo are two human silhouettes. One of the people is using a smartphone to take a photo. Signifying the new year, the photo accompanies a blog post about the derailers that defined the year 2023.

For the fourth year in a row, the cohosts of The Science of Personality evaluate the derailers of the year. Find out what they picked for 2023.