Author: Hogan Assessments

Personality and Goals

In this photo, a person with long, curly red hair and pale skin, who is wearing a loose white blouse and beaded jewelry, pins a photograph of a fashion model to a cork bulletin board. The board features various fashion sketches, photographs, and pages torn from magazines. It appears to be a vision board for goal setting. The room behind the person is out of focus, but a potted plant and a large mirror are visible against a white wall in the background. This photo accompanies a blog post about the relationship between personality and life goals.

People with certain personality characteristics tend to place more importance on certain life goals. Find out how goal setting and personality are linked.

The Future of Personality Assessment

A person with long red hair faces a computer monitor and laptop displaying software data. The photo’s focal point is the data on the monitor, and its perspective is from behind the person’s left shoulder. The person is at the right of the frame, and their face is not visible. An out-of-focus office environment is visible in the background. The photo serves to illustrate a blog about how the future of personality assessment should consider the merits of traditional personality assessments along with the merits of personality assessment methods driven by AI and machine learning.

Measuring personality is complex. How can we retain what is valuable in traditional methods of personality assessment while leveraging the technology of the future, such as AI and machine learning?