Author: Hogan Assessments

Who Becomes a Private Equity Leader?


Private equity leaders shape their organizations’ financial success. So what are the personality characteristics of an effective private equity leader? We reviewed personality data for more than 900 of them to find out.

Attachment Styles in the Workplace

The logo for The Science of Personality podcast, which discusses the personality of elite athletes in episode 45. Specifically, the podcast episode discusses personality test data Hogan collected from the 2021 and 2022 draft classes of NFL football players. This article covers what Hogan found about football players’ personalities.

Along with personality, attachment theory can help explain how we form relationships at work. Learn how the three attachment styles—secure, anxious, and avoidant—can affect everyday behavior among leaders and employees.

Entrepreneur or Organized Criminal?


What separates entrepreneur Jeff Bezos from notorious mob boss Al Capone? Personality assessment results shine some light on personality among organized criminals and entrepreneurs.

Why Leadership Development Is Broken

Two people in business attire discuss the contents of a binder for a leadership development program.

Organizations are investing in leadership development programs, but the business impact and return on investment tend to be subpar. So what’s the problem? Why is leadership development broken, and how do we fix it?