What’s Driving the Big Quit? (Part 1)

Why are so many people quitting their jobs? According to Hogan’s Erin Crane, PhD, burnout and empowerment are the two major causes of the Big Quit, or Great Resignation. Read more.

Working with Derailers: Coaching Insights at the Top of the Stress-performance Curve

Derailers are important because they are the habitual behavioral patterns that can get in our way. Typically operating below the level of conscious awareness, these behaviors are often easy to ignore. But when overused, they hinder performance. Coaching people to learn to work with derailers and manage stress can be a gateway into new understanding and help them increase their effectiveness.

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CEOs in Crisis: The Influence of Leaders’ Performance Risks (Part 2)

Some personality traits can pose risks to companies’ success. These traits, which Hogan calls derailers, tend to arise when people are stressed, fatigued, or bored (that is, when we do not exercise self-control). These are the most challenging elements of personality to work with, and they are the most damaging to our careers. Because crises such as the one we are currently experiencing cause almost constant stress, these characteristics are particularly notable right now.

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