Get Hogan Certified in 2019!

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Whether getting Hogan certified is one of your New Year’s resolutions or something you’ve been planning to cross off your bucket list, there are several Hogan Assessment Certification Workshops planned throughout the United States in 2019. By completing this two-day program, you will be able to administer and interpret Hogan’s three core assessments: the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Hogan Development Survey and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory.

If you are already Hogan certified and want to hone your feedback skills, you should consider registering for the Hogan Advanced Feedback Workshop, previously known as Hogan Level 2 Certification. This one-day workshop was designed for practitioners who want to receive more extensive instruction and opportunities to practice delivering effective feedback.

In addition, Hogan certified users can now register for the newly-developed Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop. This one-day workshop was designed for practitioners who want to gain more advanced instruction and practice on how to interpret Hogan assessment profiles. Attendees will also gain a deeper understanding of how to extract maximum interpretive value from Hogan scales and subscales.

The workshops will be offered in multiple cities across the United States throughout 2019, with the advanced workshops occurring on the third day. Participants can complete the Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop during the first two days with the option to attend either the Hogan Advanced Feedback Workshop or the Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop on the third day. Each of the two, one-day advanced workshops are also available upon request for those who have previously completed the Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop. Hogan certified users can email to register for an advanced workshop separately.

Click here to learn more about Hogan’s three certification programs.