Harness the science of personality to decode talent acquisition

From entry-level to CEO, our hiring assessments can be used for a variety of recruitment purposes. We offer intuitive and data-based tools to screen candidates at high volumes and hand-select the ideal candidate from a curated list.

Hogan provides the most accurate and efficient tools for predicting a candidate’s performance

  • Eliminate bias during hiring
  • Minimize turnover
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Build a highly qualified workforce
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Create a strong organizational culture

Identify the candidates who are most likely to…

Excel at specific job competencies

Become the most effective leaders

Exercise sound judgment

Be safety conscious

The Hogan Difference


Personality provides the deepest insight into a candidate because it tells the whole story, without bias.

  • Personality stays consistent over time, unlike skill sets and experience.
  • Personality can be assessed with accuracy and reliability.
  • Our assessments uncover essential insights that resumes, interviews, and skill tests can’t.
  • Personality traits can be correlated with real-world performance measures in different roles and industries.
  • Personality assessments compare people objectively, on equal playing fields.


But personality without workplace data cannot predict performance.

  • No other company has measured job performance to the extent and depth that Hogan has.
  • Our solutions predict performance for years after assessment.
  • We measure everyone, not just the top performers, so we can learn what truly differentiates high performers from their peers.
  • We continually update our databases and prediction tools to indicate who will be the highest fit for a given role.
validation studies performed each year
job roles evaluated
assessment scores matched to performance indicators
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Look past what the candidate has done. Gain insight into what the candidate could do for your team.

We analyze your candidates’ assessment data based on millions of real-world workplace performance data points to bring you the full, realistic picture of how a person will perform in a given role.

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Hogan Talent Acquisition predicts performance around the world.

Hogan’s personality assessments have been validated in countries all over the globe. This means our personality and performance metrics integrate different cultural norms and personality traits.

Hogan’s global norm, the international data set against which assessments are measured, represents approximately 200,000 working adults from 180 countries.

Hogan assessments are translated in more than 40 languages for seamless use in nearly any country.

Success Stories

Find out how Hogan transformed the talent acquisition process and business outcomes across a wide range of industries and job families.

more sales revenue
better customer service ratings
hire revenue from retail agents
more dependable employees