Efficiently screen and select candidates

For any and every job role, at a high volume


General Employability

Quickly gauge a candidate’s basic ability to do the job based on people skills, learning capabilities, and work ethic.

Sales Basis

Hire revenue-generating sales professionals for a broad range of sales roles across industries.

Need a Custom Solution?

Hogan has extensive experience in creating custom research solutions. Get in touch with us so we can learn about your custom hiring needs and create a tailored scientific approach.

Grounded in more than 30 years of validated research

Hogan personality assessments were the first to scientifically measure personality for business.

Our solutions offer full insight into a candidate’s predicted performance, so you can make hiring decisions quickly and easily based on the world’s most robust personality assessment data.

More Insight

Uncover how candidates relate to others when they’re at their best

Find Ideal Candidates

Ensure a cultural alignment by examining candidates’ motivations

Closely Compare

Compare candidates head-to-head with unbiased analysis from personality experts

Ask Better Questions

Ask strategic interview questions based on personality data

Strengths + Weaknesses

Measure performance risks that can hinder success

Less Time Onboarding

Get new hires up to speed faster with personalized onboarding