Hiring used to be a shot in the dark.

With the Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite, hiring becomes a fast and valid prediction of performance

Hire Candidates Faster

Hire Candidates Faster

Screen hundreds of candidates at once to find your highest-fit applicants in seconds.

Hire Based on Proven Science

Hire Based on Proven Science

Make informed hiring decisions based on the most valid personality assessment science in the industry.

Hire the Best Performer

Hire the Best Performer

Identify high-fit candidates based on millions of measured workplace performance data points.

The most robust talent acquisition science in the industry, packaged up in the simplest user experience.

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Need to hire accountant

Whatever the role, the Candidate Assessment Suite can identify the best performers. It was developed based on millions of workplace performance data points:

Representing 47,175 individuals

measured on 81 distinct job performance metrics

in 20 different industries

In 156 different organizations and companies

With 184 different job titles

These millions of data points make up a series of nine different job family assessments, allowing you to tailor each hiring project to a specific assessment:

Entry-level Supervisors



Technicians and Specialists

Operations and Trades

Customer Support

Administrative and Clerical

Service and Support

Consumer Service and Support

For the last 40 years, Hogan has done the in-depth, painstaking work to build the world’s best tool for predicting performance.

Project Setup

Quickly and independently create new hiring projects and tailor them to what matters most for the role and organization.

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Project Dashboard

Send assessments to your entire candidate pool at once. Then sort, filter, and screen candidates quickly and easily on multiple layers of data

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Candidate Details

Use on any mobile device for convenient, on-the-spot assessment to get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s predicted performance

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