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One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Successful Coaching Initiatives

We all have derailers, or strengths that become weaknesses when we stop self-managing during times of stress or pressure. For some of us, derailing means confidence turns into grandiosity; for others, independence turns into withdrawal. Similarly, our job contexts and the situations that cause stress can vary considerably from person to person — and this… Read more »

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Can People Really Change? Practical Advice for Leadership Development

Nearly all leadership development programs target individual growth and the development of soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, influencing skills, relationship management, etc., with 63% of organizations using executive coaching to support leader growth. But efforts to develop soft skills, which are based in personality, are hard to quantify, study, and measure, making ROI difficult… Read more »

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On Fire or Fizzling Out: Who Is at Risk for Burnout?

For the past year and a half, we all have been living with some degree of uncertainty due to the global pandemic, which has changed how we interact with others and live our lives. During this time of considerable change, many people have experienced some degree of burnout. Whether you’ve been working remotely, working in… Read more »

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Candidate Experience: What Do They Really Want?

In areas where pandemic restrictions are easing, estimates suggest that as many as one in four workers is considering quitting and searching for a new job. Coupled with the ongoing, intensifying worker shortage, this underscores the need for companies to be competitive to attract the best job candidates. Unsurprisingly, companies are focusing more than ever… Read more »

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How to Make Selecting and Developing AI Professionals Less Intimidating: Insights from Personality Characteristics

Global demand for artificial intelligence professionals is at an all-time high. But selection and development can be daunting. Aside from skills in areas such as software development, machine learning, business intelligence, or data engineering, what qualities should AI professionals have? Drawing on more than 40 years of research on the relationship between personality and job… Read more »

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Denison & Hogan Partner Webinar: Coaching in Context

C-suite executives need to work closely together, but their coaching needs can vary. In this webinar, Hogan Senior Consultant Kelsey (Stephens) Klausing, MS, and Daniel Denison, PhD, chairman of Denison Consulting LLC, will explore leadership coaching in context, focusing on a real-life example of a CEO and COO who work together with complementary leadership styles…. Read more »

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Team Acceleration: Strategies for Managing Change

Between adjusting to a virtual work environment, adapting to changes in team composition, and adopting new strategies and priorities, the pandemic has changed how teams operate and perform. In this webinar, a panel of Hogan practitioners will examine team effectiveness and the components required to accelerate your team’s performance in light of the changing environment…. Read more »


Onboarding: The Bridge Between Selection, Engagement, and Impact

A focus on candidate selection for critical leadership roles means that the onboarding process is often overlooked. Yet, onboarding is a tremendously important factor in the success of new leaders. Using the lens of personality can help you better understand the ways leaders assimilate into their new teams and overall organizations during onboarding. In addition… Read more »


The Taboo of Ambition

The personality trait most linked to career success is Ambition. Despite this, academic psychology has largely ignored and stigmatized ambition. This talk does three things. First, it defines Ambition and highlights the consequences of ignoring it. Second, the talk describes how factor models of personality, such as the Big 5 and HEXACO models, fail to… Read more »