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Diversity & Inclusion: What is it and how can Hogan help your organization?

Issues related to diversity and inclusion (D&I) are being discussed and brought to the forefront in the workplace at an accelerating rate. However, many organizations struggle to create diverse workplaces (especially at the highest levels) and promote cultures where all employees feel heard and included. In this webinar, Kimberly Nei, PhD, director of talent analytics,… Read more »


Helping Leaders Avoid Derailment

Coaches spend quite a bit of time helping leaders mitigate their performance risks and rein in their derailers once they appear. But what if we could help leaders get a step ahead of derailers and prevent them from appearing in the first place? In this webinar, Trish Kellett, director of the Hogan Coaching Network, will be joined… Read more »


High Potentials, Hidden Gems: Uncovering Tomorrow’s Leaders

If you’ve ever been tasked with developing a pipeline of high-performing future leaders, you know that finding those “hidden gems” is no small feat. Too often, when organizations identify high potentials, they focus on emergence—looking for people who stand out, build connections, and influence others. But this is a mistake. At Hogan, we’ve developed a… Read more »

Modern Manager

The Modern Manager

The Modern Manager: Business Leader or Mental Health Menace? Among nonpsychologists today, the consensus is that modern leadership research has failed, and there is no consensus regarding the characteristics of effective leaders. Most literature defines leaders as the people who are in charge, but the problem with this definition is that people are chosen for… Read more »

Personality Characteristics of Effective Remote Employees

Remote Series: Leading Effective Virtual Teams

Hogan defines leadership as the ability to build and maintain a highly effective team. High-performing teams have productive norms around how they interact interpersonally, but what does that look like in this virtual world? Tune in for some practical advice on how to transition your team’s norms to this “new normal” and maintain or increase… Read more »

Personality Characteristics of Effective Remote Employees

Remote Series: Personality Characteristics of Effective Remote Employees

Although remote work is not a new phenomenon, the recent crisis has forced many organizations and their employees to shift how they do their day-to-day tasks. For many, the adjustment to remote work highlights a different context in which personality characteristics can either facilitate or impede success. By reviewing what personality characteristics are most beneficial… Read more »


COVID-19 and the Dark Side of Personality

COVID-19 has disrupted our daily routines, created uncertainty about finances, raised concerns about possible infection and the loss of loved ones, and isolated us from each other. In short, our levels of stress are unprecedented, and this is a perfect storm for dysfunctional behaviors to emerge. Join Hogan, along with presenters Gordon Curphy, PhD, and… Read more »

Personality Characteristics of Effective Remote Employees

Remote Series: Leverage Values to Keep Individuals and Teams Engaged

The world of work, and our individual and collective place in it, has been continually shifting over the past hundred years. But with the current unprecedented global disruption, these shifts have become dramatic and jarring, seemingly redefining weekly what it means to work. Employee motivation has been thrust into the spotlight, and for good reason…. Read more »

Absent Leader

Absentee Leadership

Even during the best of times, research shows that absentee leadership is quite common and destructive to teams and organizations. For leaders whose teams are all working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the possibility of showing up as an absentee leader increases, even for leaders who typically are engaged with their teams in the office…. Read more »