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3 Skills to Guide Employee Selection

Centered in the photo, an olive-skinned woman with long, curly brown hair, wearing a tan blazer and holding a leather notebook sits at a table where she smiles at two job interviewers whose backs are to the camera—a bearded olive-skinned man on the left side of the frame, and a brown-haired white woman wearing large-framed eyeglasses on the right. Both interviewers have laptops in front of them.

Employee selection is guided by hiring principles. While specific criteria can vary, three competencies can bolster any selection process: people skills, learning skills, and work ethic.

Screening and Assessing Potential Graduates Pays off for NSW Government


Peter Berry Consultancy has applied a continuous improvement approach during the five years it has supported the NSW Government Graduate Program, ensuring it attracts diverse candidates that best meet the requirements and values sought by NSW Government.

We Are Not the MBTI

A lone duck swims on a lake in dreary overcast weather. The distinction between two dramatically different types of birds, ducks and hummingbirds, signifies the distinction between personality tests with less evidence of validity and reliability, such as the MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and those that are proven to be useful in talent acquisition and development, such as the Hogan personality assessments.

The MBTI personality test, short for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, is known around the world. But popularity doesn’t mean a test is effective, and not all tests are alike. Learn why.