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Is Your Boss Making You Miserable?

Bad bosses are all around, and if you’ve been in the workforce long, odds are you’ve worked for one. But what effect do they have on the workforce? Are they the morale-killing monsters we make them out to be? We asked 577 people. This is what they said.

Do You Trust Your Coworkers?

  What drives individuals to betray their coworkers, and what companies can do to identify them?

Q&A: Personality and Teams

Managers intuitively understand that achieving the right mix of skills, experience, and personality is key to ensuring a productive team and content workforce. Get that mix wrong – even by just one individual – and the result can be ruinous. Ryan Ross, Hogan vice president of Global Alliances, discusses personality and teams.

What Makes a Good Leader?

  Leadership is the most important single factor in determining success in business.

The Leadership Potential Report by Denison Consulting and Hogan

  Developed in partnership by Denison Consulting and Hogan, the Denison Leadership Potential Report (DLPR) is a new product that provides a statistically valid prediction of leadership potential. This is accomplished by aligning an individual’s inherent leader attributes—as measured by Hogan assessment tools—to the twelve leadership competencies defined by the Denison Leadershhip Development Model.

Corporate Culture and the Impact on Employee Engagement

  In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a focus around corporate culture in many of my typical news sources – Fast Company, Fortune, Talent Management Magazine, and Harvard Business Review’s Blog. I’m sure the recent changes in Yahoo’s and Best Buy’s corporate work-from-home policies sparked the heated debates around corporate culture. Many of the… Read more »

The Importance of Trust

  An individual’s ability to exercise leadership is hinged on his or her ability to persuade others to follow. According to the Hogan Leadership Model, followers look for four essential qualities in a leader: integrity, judgment, competence, and vision. Of these, integrity is most essential.

The Mask of Integrity

  In their book chapter “The Mask of Integrity,” published in Citizen Espionage: Studies in Trust and Betrayal, Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan, outlined four characteristics that typified the ideal betrayer:

Developing Leaders for the Future

Harvard Business Review blogger, Jack Zenger, recently wrote “we wait too long to train our leaders.” In his post Zenger points out the discrepancy between when individuals first take on leadership roles and when they first receive leadership training. When looking at data from over 17,000 leaders across the globe, the average age an individual… Read more »