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Leadership Myths & Truths

Psychologist Dr. Robert Hogan, an international authority on personality assessment and leadership, contends that great leadership stems from the skills and personality of the leader, rather than the position itself. Hogan’s personality assessments are used by more than half of the Fortune 500 and his influence is felt in boardrooms around the world. While he is… Read more »

New Research Reveals Key Differences in Leadership Styles of Chinese and Western Managers

  In a recent book chapter, Hogan’s Jarrett Shalhoop and Michael Sanger explore the nature of Chinese leadership through the lens of personality and values and explain how these differ from leadership styles of three countries with large trade interests in China — the U.S., Germany and Australia. For organizations that must select managers for cross-cultural assignments, recognizing the… Read more »

Leadership Lessons from Schwarzkopf

  Leadership is a combination of strategy and character. If you must be without one, be without the strategy.

Nothing Tests a Leader Like a Crisis

In the month of October, Hurricane Sandy dealt a devastating blow to the East Coast. Major flooding, power outages, structural damage to business and homes, and fatalities are the only remnants of the ruinous storm.

Using Speed Coaching to Create Self-Awareness

As more organizations are forced to do more with less, speed coaching provides a fast, agile and cost-effective way to enhance the performance of key employees before they derail.

The Culture Clash

The Importance of Values to Leadership and Business Performance

Handlebars and High Performers

It’s that time again. The leaves are turning, the clocks need changing, and the air carries that crispness that can be associated with only one thing: a mustache. Dustin Hunter, blogged last year publicly announcing Hogan’s involvement in Movember. Participation in Movember is simple – register and grow a badge of honor on your upper… Read more »