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Mythbusters Series: Opposites Attract

The longtime notion that “opposites attract” is about to be debunked. For the romantic comedy lovers out there, this news may be heartbreaking. Some of the most recognized love stories are those that involve opposites. Take Beauty and the Beast, Pretty Woman, or Grease for example. All three tales include a powerful, romantic force between… Read more »

Your Reputation Matters More Than You Think

Between skull-crushing boredom, pressing deadlines, and demanding bosses, the professional life can be a drain on your emotional resources. As such, it’s no surprise that at some point everyone’s dark side, your less-than-desirable interpersonal tendencies, makes an appearance. And when it does, it can severely damage your reputation.

Can a Great Boss Lead to Burnout?

Nobody likes a micromanaging boss. There are mountains of evidence that show micromanaging bosses are bad for employee engagement and office morale and productivity. In fact, when we asked 1,000 people to describe their worst boss, 48% said micromanaging.

2015 Hogan Workshops

  Even the most advanced assessment tools won’t do any good if you don’t know how to use them. Facilitated by seasoned professionals and tailored to an audience of executive coaches, HR directors or generalists, organizational development or training professionals, and industrial-organizational psychologists, Hogan’s workshops give participants the information they need to effectively administer, interpret,… Read more »

Coachable or Lost Cause?

In a perfect world, good coaching would lead to good results. Every great American football coach would lead his team to a national championship, and every great executive coach would turn out world-class leaders. In the real world, however, no matter how talented a coach may be, the result of any coaching effort depends in… Read more »

Journey to the East

Operating in the country that features the second largest economy in the world (and the first in terms of purchasing power) brings with it a higher level of business development and delivery expectations. It has been a pleasure to witness our Greater China distributor Mobley Group Pacific, Ltd (MGP) along with their local Taiwan partner… Read more »