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Under Pressure

Easing back into work after the holidays is tough. From demanding bosses and pressing deadlines to mind-numbing monotony, the office is a stressful place. Reports show 60% of the global workforce is under the gun, with more than 80% of American workers reporting serious stress at work. That stress causes our blood pressure to rise,… Read more »

Putting People Into the Big Data Equation

Over the last few years we have witnessed the popular rise of Big Data. That is, organizations of all sizes and agendas are now looking to use large datasets to guide their strategies. Using data to grow and improve organizations makes complete sense as digital technology has permeated every corner of our society. The sheer… Read more »

Tomorrow! Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic to Serve as Keynote Speaker at BPS DOP Conference

Will you be in the UK tomorrow? Visit world-renowned psychologist Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic who will serve as the keynote speaker at the British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Conference. WHO: Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Vice President of Research and Innovation at Hogan Assessment Systems WHAT: Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference, hosted by The British… Read more »


As it gets closer to the new year, most people are considering what resolutions they’ll make. An oft-quoted fact is most New Years resolutions are broken, yet we make them year after year. My least favorite time of year to go to the gym is in the first three weeks of January. Besides the overcrowding,… Read more »

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Employees

With the holidays around the corner, year-end also brings about the gift-shopping season. While we bang our head against the wall for new gift ideas every year, organizations are also constantly brainstorming new ways to reward their employees and show appreciation for their contributions. Historically, monetary compensation was the ultimate reward in the workplace. However,… Read more »

What is Good Judgment…Really?

Good judgment isn’t about being smart. It’s not even about making good decisions. The essence of good judgment is about learning from past mistakes. It’s about applying feedback to the next opportunity so as not to needlessly repeat blunders or continue to pursue a course that just isn’t panning out. It’s about remaining open to… Read more »

Three Ways to Fail Better

You make thousands of decisions every day, from the momentous to the mundane. Chances are, at some point, you’re going to screw one of them up.

Lying About Lying

There are plenty of morally permissible reasons to lie – complimenting a dreadful haircut, assuring a friend he or she doesn’t look fat, and promising to wear the exceptionally unattractive sweater you got for your birthday are all justifiable deceits by virtue of being polite. Honesty may be a social virtue, but lying is a… Read more »