The Dark Side of Leadership: 11 Reasons Leaders Fail

11_Reasons_1200x630Being awarded a leadership role within an organization may feel like an amazing accomplishment, but that is only half the battle. The second, and arguably most important half, lies in building and maintaining a highly effective team.

However, according to a study conducted on UK workers, managers are failing miserably at this task, and are instead fostering feelings of hate and resentment among their workers. The survey states that while 22% of the UK public say they hate their boss, a more staggering 52% claim that their boss is their main cause of job dissatisfaction. So, where is it that managers are going wrong, and what can they do improve their employees’ perception of them?

Compelling research by V. Jon Bentz – Vice President for Human Resources at Sears during the 1970s – found that managerial failure had little to do with IQ or personal attractiveness. Rather, it was linked directly to interpersonal competence. And, since personality is at the core of interpersonal competence, we can use personality assessments – such as those we have developed at Hogan – to identify the 11 personality scales that cause leaders to fail time and time again.

The Hogan Development Survey, introduced in 1997 by Drs. Robert Hogan and Joyce Hogan, is the only personality assessment that identifies critical blind spots that lead to career derailment. It helps leaders by providing insights about their counterproductive tendencies – or “risk factors” – that inevitably cause managerial failure. These characteristics become heightened during times of stress, and result in poor relationships with employees and other key stakeholders. Read More »

Advanced People Strategies to Host Hogan UK Seminar

APSLogo2018-02Advanced People Strategies (APS), an official Hogan distributor in the UK, will host a Hogan UK Seminar on October 22 in London featuring Dr. Robert Hogan and Peter Berry, managing director of Peter Berry Consultancy and originator of the Hogan 360.

The event is focused on Diversity & Inclusion, which has become a primary focus for organizations worldwide. Beyond the moral and legal obligations, organizations should focus on D&I to improve their business. Solving problems like increasing market share, understanding different markets, and ensuring your advertising translates across groups and cultures is much easier when employees come from diverse backgrounds.

That’s where Hogan can help. Hogan’s personality assessments, which are backed by decades of science and data, equip organizations with and easy-to-implement solution to improve D&I, as well as overall productivity and engagement. Read More »

You Might Be a Narcissist If…

Egocentric or Egoistic Person Concept

A narcissist is defined as “a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.” Given their self-obsession, it seems obvious that narcissists would be more likely to overuse first-person pronouns like “I,” “me,” “my,” and “mine.” We might especially think this is true on social media, where everyone has a platform to reach society. After all, what could be a better way to express your narcissism than talking about yourself to the entirety of the internet? But, according to a new study published in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology, our intuitions are wrong.

This new study, authored by several personality psychologists including Hogan’s own Ryne Sherman, analyzed data on narcissism and word use from 15 samples in multiple languages. Both written and spoken words were analyzed using the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC), which categorizes words into 72 distinct linguistic categories, including first-person pronouns. Among those categories analyzed, 17 were statistically significantly related to scores on narcissism.

A narcissist may be more inclined to use: Read More »

RELEVANT Managementberatung Partners with ICF Germany for 2nd Annual German Prism Award

RELEVANTHogan distributor, RELEVANT Managementberatung, is partnering again with the International Coach Federation Germany chapter to present the 2nd Annual German Prism Award, awarded to companies making a difference in the coaching community through professionalism, quality, and data.

The selection process and criteria were modeled after ICF’s International Prism Award, which has been granted annually since 2005 to companies that stand out through the establishment of a coaching culture with extraordinary results in difficult change processes. Past winners of this prestigious award include Coca Cola, SAP, Airbus, and several other prominent companies. The Inaugural German Prism Award was awarded last year to CMS Law Tax, an international law firm with more than 70 offices worldwide.

“We are proud of the partnership we’ve formed with the ICF, and we’re excited to continue the momentum we built from last year’s event,” says RELEVANT owner, Dr. René Kusch. “Our goal from the very beginning was to advance the coaching profession, and this award honors the very best in the field.”

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Working Together in Trying Times

World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial, Manhattan, New York, USA

During the last few new employee orientation sessions at Hogan, I have been asked “what is the most exciting project you have ever worked on in 23 years at Hogan?” Given today’s date, I thought I would share my response.

The most rewarding project I have been a part of was helping America recover from the attacks occurring on 9/11/01. This project was bittersweet, on one hand we were reminded every day about how a group of cowards shattered lives, drove fear into our country, and changed the face of travel forever. On the other hand, the challenge we faced brought out the best in people, it changed perspectives, started conversations, and led individuals to set aside their personal aspirations to help society as a whole.

We rarely talk publicly about Hogan’s involvement post 9/11, primarily because we did it to serve, not to brag. That said, here is a little Hogan history that I hope never gets lost.

Once the shock of the attack had settled, Congress quickly passed the Aviation Transportation Security Act (ATSA), creating DHS and the TSA. Based on Hogan’s reputation, we were quickly asked to help select a workforce of over 100,000 people. Our challenge was to provide a valid, predictive assessment program.

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How Personality Assessments Improve Safety at Work


*This was originally published as a two-part series via Zukunft Personal Blog on June 5 and June 11. It includes a guest article authored by Zsolt Feher, as well as a Q&A piece with the author.

Gaining the best and most suitable employees for your company is the key to success. Nowadays, companies are trying to hire the best of the best and are putting a lot of effort into new and exciting forms of recruiting. While a strong recruiting strategy provides only one major advantage for most companies, it is substantial for other companies.

Hiring the wrong employee for a job can inevitably lead to underperformance, which can cost millions and expose other employees to increased risk. Every year, companies within the EU lose billions of euros from accidents, injuries at work and other damages. In 2017, European companies lost more than € 476 billion, which was a staggering 3.3% of the European Union’s GDP.

It goes without saying that industries with higher levels of physical labor, such as construction, oil and gas, are at greatest risk from accidents at work and injuries. Companies working in security-conscious industries need to take additional measures to ensure that they hire the right people and create a safe environment for their employees.

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Mitigating Banking and Financial Risk Requires Better Leadership Selection


On December 14th, 2017 the Australian government launched the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation, and Financial Services Industry. The Commission was launched on the heels of numerous banking scandals involving the Big Four Australian banks. The Commission provided a preliminary report in August of 2018 and the final report was made public in February of 2019. Ultimately, the Commission found evidence of bribery, forgery, inadequate lending practiceslying to regulators, and even charging fees to people who were dead.

The preliminary Commission report concluded that the primary cause of this misconduct was:

“…greed – the pursuit of short-term profit at the expense of basic standards of honesty…From the executive suite to the front line, staff were measured and rewarded by reference to profit and sales…When misconduct was revealed, it either went unpunished or the consequences did not meet the seriousness of what had been done.”

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Hogan Offers Advanced Interpretation and Advanced Feedback Certification


Are you already Hogan Certified but want to further hone your interpretation or feedback skills? Hogan has you covered.

Earlier this year, Hogan expanded its Global Learning offerings to include the Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop and the Hogan Advanced Feedback Workshop. Both workshops were introduced because of popular demand based on survey results from newly Hogan Certified users.

The one-day Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop was designed for practitioners looking to gain deeper interpretive insights from Hogan Assessment data. This course teaches professionals to:

  • Connect Hogan data points across scales and assessments for more robust interpretations
  • Extract maximum value from subscales
  • Learn advanced interpretation techniques around low HDS and low MVPI scores
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Ryan Ross Returns to India


*This post was authored by ThreeFish Consulting.

ThreeFish Consulting, the authorized distributor for Hogan Assessments in India, welcomed back Ryan Ross, Managing Partner of Hogan Assessments, for a series of three client events across the country to provide thought leadership around the Science of Personality.

The first stop on the tour was in Pune in the western part of the country. The ThreeFish Breakfast Roundtable on July 30th at the JW Marriott was well attended by Hogan Users and a wider audience from a range of industries who were interested in learning more about Hogan and the Science of Personality. This was a great “launch” event for Pune as it was the first time ThreeFish-Hogan held a client event in the city. “The growth of ThreeFish into Pune marks an important milestone – while support has existed in the local market for several years, Pune-based businesses are demanding quality assessments, and Threefish is equipped to meet their need” said Ryan. Given the mixture of current and potential clients, Ryan’s talk focused on the link between personality, leadership, and organizational performance. Elaborating on the view, ‘Who you are is how you lead’, Ryan said “it was such a great event, the way the audience engages in such a lively and smart conversation is one of the best things about being in India. Too often participants are quiet or shy, but not in Pune. It was a thrill from a presenter’s standpoint.“ The engaged audience had a lively conversation around how our personality affects the way we think, behave, make decisions, and build relations, ultimately impacting our performance.

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Is Mental Toughness Part of Personality?


*This post was authored by Georgi P. Yankov of Development Dimensions International and Ryne Sherman.

Do us a favor. Go to Google and search for the term “mental toughness.” Then click on “news” to see the latest news on mental toughness. We can almost guarantee that you will find an article published within the past three days. Doing this exercise on August 6, 2019 yielded the results on the right.

The point is, people – particularly sports coaches and athletes – talk about mental toughness as a key ingredient for success virtually all the time. Clearly, the concept of mental toughness is of wide interest and importance. But what is mental toughness exactly and how is it related to personality? A few years ago, we set out to investigate this question. Last week, our findings were published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. In this post, we summarize the key results.

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