Robert Hogan Tours Europe with Awair and 3 Minute Mile

191014-Hogan-Paris-01*This guest post was authored by Giuliana Mason, Marketing & Communications Manager for Awair.

Effective Leadership: It’s Not What You Think

Is Humility the new Effectiveness when it comes to leadership-related topics? It’s what two different international audiences, in Paris and London, respectively, were able to discuss with Dr. Robert Hogan earlier in October.

The events were organized by Awair, Hogan Distributor in Italy, France, and Spain – and 3 Minute Mile, Hogan Distributor in the UK. The two consultancies merged at the beginning of 2019 and operate now as a single company, although both through their original brand names.

In Paris, Dr. Hogan delivered his speech in the academic context of ESCE business school, with whom Awair partnered for this special occasion. Some 200 among HR managers, consultants, and executive search professionals attended the event, along with undergraduate students who gladly welcomed the opportunity to listen to the talk of one of the greatest I/O psychologists of our times, also taking part in the lively Q&A session which followed.

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ThreeFish Consulting: 5 Questions on High Potential Talent

TFCTake5_PP1*This is an interview with Dr. Pradnya Parasher, Founder & CEO of ThreeFish Consulting, on High Potential Talent Development in India. 

In India, tenure and seniority have traditionally tipped the scales while creating a leadership pipeline. Now that old rules are being questioned, is it time to throw out all of the old and ring in everything new? Maybe not!   

Q1. Are you seeing Indian companies looking at identifying high potential employees?

Indian companies have valued tenure, loyalty, and seniority – this has its own due merit as experience and wisdom accompany seniority. With the advent of high-profile hires from management schools and diverse talent pools, Indian companies are looking at talent development differently. Accelerating the growth of high potential employees and scientific, methodical assessment of potential are therefore gaining traction. Newer talent management practices of assessment and diagnostics such as our personality-based tools now prove invaluable.

Tenure is not irrelevant – organizational knowledge, wisdom, the maturity which comes with age and experience are all products of tenure. Within the same system, the need isto additionally look for those who we can stretch more, earlier in their careers. High potential employees like to be challenged – if not challenged, they can get bored and seek their challenge elsewhere. Therefore, identification of high potentials is not just to accelerate careers but also to identify those gems who are ready to take on higher challenges; and should be challenged.

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Authentic Talent Consulting Hosts HR Conference in Paris

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 12.07.32 PMHogan distributor, Authentic Talent Consulting, hosted a conference titled “Recruiting Leaders: Why do we make bad hires?” on October 15 at The Opera Patio in Paris featuring Dr. Robert Hogan. Speaking to an audience of 60 leading HR professionals, Dr. Hogan’s talk focused on the importance of humility in leadership.

In his presentation, Dr. Hogan pointed out that the reasons organizations have traditionally promoted charismatic individuals into leadership roles is because there has been a false vision of leadership since the 1970s. We have lived in a culture where charisma is the desired quality when it comes to leadership. However, what organizations fail to understand is the difference between leadership emergence and leadership effectiveness. Although charismatic employees tend to emerge as leaders in their organizations, new studies show that humble individuals are much more effective, which results in stronger employee engagement and organizational performance.

Prior to Dr. Hogan’s presentation, Chloë Touati, co-founder of Authentic Talent Consulting, spoke to the audience about how organizations make mistakes in hiring and identifying leaders because they focus too much on competencies and not enough on values. She outlined three primary ways companies can find the right match between a candidate’s values and their own: Read More »

ICF Germany, RELEVANT Managementberatung to Present Second German Prism Award

Untitled-1Time is running out to register for ICF Deutschland’s Coaching Day 2019 and also to register for the second German Prism Award, an annual award jointly sponsored by Hogan Assessments and RELEVANT Managementberatung. ICF Coaching Day will take place on November 15-16, with the German Prism Award Gala occurring from 7:00-9:00pm on Friday, November 15 in Munich.

The award, modeled after the ICF’s International Prism Award, is given to organizations with programs that make a difference in the coaching community through professionalism, quality and innovation. The nominees – all DAX 30 companies – represent a variety of industries, and each are tasked with providing insight into how their coaching programs contribute to the achievement of important corporate goals and advance the coaching profession.

“We are honored to be able to sponsor this prestigious award again this year,” says RELEVANT owner, Dr. René Kusch. “Last year’s event was a huge success, and we look forward to replicating that again this year with a stellar group of nominees.”

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A&D Resources to Expand into Nordics

A&D_Logo_300A&D Resources, the authorized Hogan Assessments distributor in Denmark and Benelux, is expanding its business operations into Finland, Norway, and Sweden, making it the premiere Hogan distributor in the region.

Specializing in the assessment and development of individuals, teams and organizations, A&D is considered the leading assessment firm in Denmark. This expansion into the Nordics can largely be attributed to the organization’s history of success in the surrounding region and also because of its work globally.

“We are fortunate to have a strong reputation within our industry, whether we’re in Denmark, Benelux, or beyond, and that’s because we deliver results,” says Hans Ove Dahl, A&D’s managing director. “We’re firm believers that if you build a talented team using Hogan’s assessments, which are widely considered the most predictive assessments for workplace performance, you’ll have a competitive advantage that other organizations simply can’t match.”

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RELEVANT Releases Article on Humility and New Leadership

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 9.48.06 AMFor years, organizations across the globe have notoriously and foolishly promoted charismatic individuals into leadership roles, only to see these clever office politicians fail time and time again.

In response to this global epidemic, RELEVANT Managementberatung and Hogan recently collaborated on a new article titled “Our View on New Leadership: How to Grow Humility in Charismatic Leaders.” The article, which will be accessible to RELEVANT’s newsletter subscribers first, was co-authored by RELEVANT Founder Dr. René Kusch, RELEVANT Senior Consultant Annette B. Czernik, Dr. Robert Hogan, and Dr. Ryne Sherman. It provides an in-depth look, backed by years of data, at why humble, driven leaders are more successful than their charismatic counterparts. Here’s an abstract of the article: Read More »

Five Marketing Trends in the New Era of Assessment and Why You Shouldn’t Fall for Them

siora-photography-M40oeDRSgcI-unsplashAlmost every week I learn about a new psychological assessment company entering the marketplace. Although each company is different, they all tell the same story. First, they tell you that hiring is broken; Personality tests don’t work anymore; Recruiting is out-of-date. Second, they tell you that their company has the answer. Finally, they hit you with the marketing smokescreen: a list of sophisticated-sounding technological advancements designed to confuse you, misguide you, and make you feel like you are missing out. You are not missing out, but you are falling for the common marketing trends used by these new companies. In this article, I expose these trends so that you won’t fall for them.

Trend #1: Neuroscience

Some companies measure how fast you react to flashing objects on a computer screen and say that their assessments are based on neuroscience. Neuroscience is the study of the structure and function of the nervous system. Even though such a broad definition leaves room for debate, the reality is that neuroscience concerns the function of individual neurons and the brain (i.e., a large mass of neurons). So unless the assessment you are taking is directly recording brain activity, it isn’t neuroscience. Pushing the spacebar in response to images on a computer screen isn’t neuroscience. You don’t have to take my word for it. Check the table of contents of this book on neuroscience methods. Here’s another. No mention of measuring reaction times to flashes on a screen. Don’t fall for the neuroscience routine when it’s just measuring reaction time. Read More »

The Dark Side of Leadership: 11 Reasons Leaders Fail

11_Reasons_1200x630Being awarded a leadership role within an organization may feel like an amazing accomplishment, but that is only half the battle. The second, and arguably most important half, lies in building and maintaining a highly effective team.

However, according to a study conducted on UK workers, managers are failing miserably at this task, and are instead fostering feelings of hate and resentment among their workers. The survey states that while 22% of the UK public say they hate their boss, a more staggering 52% claim that their boss is their main cause of job dissatisfaction. So, where is it that managers are going wrong, and what can they do improve their employees’ perception of them?

Compelling research by V. Jon Bentz – Vice President for Human Resources at Sears during the 1970s – found that managerial failure had little to do with IQ or personal attractiveness. Rather, it was linked directly to interpersonal competence. And, since personality is at the core of interpersonal competence, we can use personality assessments – such as those we have developed at Hogan – to identify the 11 personality scales that cause leaders to fail time and time again.

The Hogan Development Survey, introduced in 1997 by Drs. Robert Hogan and Joyce Hogan, is the only personality assessment that identifies critical blind spots that lead to career derailment. It helps leaders by providing insights about their counterproductive tendencies – or “risk factors” – that inevitably cause managerial failure. These characteristics become heightened during times of stress, and result in poor relationships with employees and other key stakeholders. Read More »

Advanced People Strategies to Host Hogan UK Seminar

APSLogo2018-02Advanced People Strategies (APS), an official Hogan distributor in the UK, will host a Hogan UK Seminar on October 22 in London featuring Dr. Robert Hogan and Peter Berry, managing director of Peter Berry Consultancy and originator of the Hogan 360.

The event is focused on Diversity & Inclusion, which has become a primary focus for organizations worldwide. Beyond the moral and legal obligations, organizations should focus on D&I to improve their business. Solving problems like increasing market share, understanding different markets, and ensuring your advertising translates across groups and cultures is much easier when employees come from diverse backgrounds.

That’s where Hogan can help. Hogan’s personality assessments, which are backed by decades of science and data, equip organizations with and easy-to-implement solution to improve D&I, as well as overall productivity and engagement. Read More »

You Might Be a Narcissist If…

Egocentric or Egoistic Person Concept

A narcissist is defined as “a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.” Given their self-obsession, it seems obvious that narcissists would be more likely to overuse first-person pronouns like “I,” “me,” “my,” and “mine.” We might especially think this is true on social media, where everyone has a platform to reach society. After all, what could be a better way to express your narcissism than talking about yourself to the entirety of the internet? But, according to a new study published in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology, our intuitions are wrong.

This new study, authored by several personality psychologists including Hogan’s own Ryne Sherman, analyzed data on narcissism and word use from 15 samples in multiple languages. Both written and spoken words were analyzed using the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC), which categorizes words into 72 distinct linguistic categories, including first-person pronouns. Among those categories analyzed, 17 were statistically significantly related to scores on narcissism.

A narcissist may be more inclined to use: Read More »