Distributor Spotlight: HRTOOLS Helps Organizations in Mexico Make Informed, Data-Driven Talent Decisions

As a Hogan distributor since 2005, HRTOOLS has evolved into a regional leader in helping companies improve organizational performance. Led by CEO Victoria Zapata, the company continues to flourish as more and more organizations see the the effectiveness of using data and science over intuition when it comes to making informed talent decisions.

HRT-LogoAs is the case with successful companies in any industry, many organizations can become complacent and satisfied with the status quo. However, HRTOOLS continues to push forward by gathering and analyzing data to improve their already stellar record. In this installment of the Distributor Spotlight Series, Victoria Zapata takes a look at just one example of how HRTOOLS had done exactly that.  Read More »

When Leaders Are Hired for Talent but Fired for Not Fitting In

This article was co-authored by Hogan CEO Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Russell Reynolds Associates CEO Clarke Murphy, and originally appeared in Harvard Business Review.

hbrOver and over again, organizations are unable to appoint the right leaders. According to academic estimates, the baseline for effective corporate leadership is merely 30%, while in politics, approval ratings oscillate between 25% and 40%. In America, 75% of employees report that their direct line manager is the worst part of their job, and 65% would happily take a pay cut if they could replace their boss with someone better. A recent McKinsey report suggests that fewer than 30% of organizations are able to find the right C-suite leaders, and that newly appointed executives take too long to adapt.

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The Most Important Challenges for HR in the Next Five Years

My experience and lots of data indicate that people are not very good at predicting the future. Rather than speculate on potential HR challenges, I would like to discuss an existing challenge that, if it went away, would represent significant progress.

The Nature of the Challenge

If we think about the history of the world since the end of the last ice age (13,000 years ago), we will see steady improvement in the quality of human life. Advances in agriculture have made food more plentiful, clothes have become more functional, transportation has become more efficient, communication has expanded its reach, public health has improved, and life has become easier. There have been costs, of course, primarily to the environment and other living species forced to cohabit with humans, but the lot of common humanity has been transformed in ways that would be unimaginable 13,000 years ago.

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Distributor Spotlight: Mentis Partners with Mercer-Sirota to Develop Engaging Leaders

1785104_logo_1450243705It is no secret that the Hogan International Distributor Network, spanning nearly 60 countries, has played a vital role in the company’s overall success. With the firmly held belief that the Hogan Assessment Suite is the best way to predict work performance, this robust network is responsible for making the global workforce more skilled when it comes to selection, leadership development, and overall business success.

One particular area where Hogan has placed an emphasis over the years is making leaders more engaging. Through collaboration with our friends at Mercer-Sirota, Hogan launched The Engaging Leader Report, which was designed to help leaders understand who they are, how they behave, and how they affect your team.

Of course, it’s great to have an effective report, but it’s equally important to have high quality delivery and implementation. Over the past year, Mentis, a Hogan distributor, delivered stellar results to a major telecommunications company, and set the standard with their impeccable work. Read More »

Self-Awareness in the Age of Individualism

Academics and businesspeople agree that self-awareness is a key aspect of improving performance. Studies show that without it, people tend to be closed-off to feedback, difficult to coach, overestimate capabilities, and ultimately struggle to build and maintain high performing teams. Conversely, awareness of one’s own behavioral tendencies facilitates leadership effectiveness.Self-Awareness

As it’s generally understood that self-awareness is essential for improvement, it might follow that investment in leadership development would result in increased effectiveness. But there is actually a strong negative correlation between spending on development and confidence in leadership, which highlights an unfortunate conclusion: The majority of managers and executives aren’t receiving interventions that move the needle. In fact, at least half of all leaders get in the way of team productivity and don’t live up to their full potential. And, perhaps even more concerning, executive turnover costs organizations somewhere between 50-200% of a leader’s annual salary—thus making it vastly consequential to the bottom line.

Why aren’t interventions changing the behavior of bad leaders and improving financial results? I think it’s because many researchers and practitioners use an individualistic (and inaccurate) definition of self-awareness that emphasizes self-knowledge and strengths over ways to improve one’s reputation with others. From my perspective, the goal of self-knowledge and celebrating yourself is inward looking, antisocial, and selfish—when leadership is a team sport and function for the group, as opposed to a source of personal privilege and individual power. Read More »

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Validity & Reliability

Choosing the right assessment for selecting or developing employees can make or break the success of a talent initiative. Why bother using assessments that don’t predict performance, or that fail to resonate with your business leaders?

When deciding on the right assessment for your valuable talent, pay attention to the scientific rigor with which the instruments have been tested. Any good tool should have concrete data demonstrating its validity and reliability. Validity and reliability can tell you two general things: 1) that the assessment is measuring what you want it to, and 2) that it will reliably assess the same thing each time – ensuring that the results you get aren’t a one-off.

An easy way to think about this concept is with a bullseye metaphor: The very center of the bullseye is exactly what you want to assess.



Reliable but not valid means that you are consistently testing the same thing over and over again, but it’s not testing what you want to test.

Valid but not reliable means that the average scores align with the goals of the test, but individual scores are inconsistent.

Both reliable and valid means that the test will consistently measure what it is supposed to over a period of time – it’s consistently hitting the bullseye.

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Podcast: Hogan CEO Discusses His New Book

Too often, HR practitioners and talent management experts rely on intuition when it comes to identifying and developing key talent, even when armed with an overwhelming amount of data and objective tools that contradict their instincts. The problem is that the data they ignore is right in almost every case.Talent Delusion

When these “experts” are wrong, it costs organizations all over the world billions of dollars each year in turnover and wasted development expenses. Unfortunately, all of that money could have been salvaged if organizations instead relied on data over intuition in their selection and development practices.

In a recent collaboration with National Business Review Radio and Spotify, Hogan CEO Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic spoke with Andrew Patterson to discuss his new book The Talent Delusion – Why Data, Not Intuition, Is the Key to Unlocking Human Potential. The book aims to education HR practitioners and leaders on how to measure, predict, and manage talent.

All organizations have problems, and they nearly always concern people. Psychology, the main science for understanding people, should be a pivotal tool for solving those problems.


Hogan X Launches Consumer-Facing Platform


Hogan X, the innovation division of Hogan Assessments, has launched a new consumer-facing personality platform that helps people understand themselves, their motivations, interests, strengths and challenges.

HoganX Updated LogoThe interactive assessment, which takes just minutes to complete, provides users with the answer to the key question everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives: “Who are you?” The new tool, Hogan X’s most advanced to date, dynamically generates over 2,000 different personality descriptions.

“At Hogan X, we are passionate about helping people understand themselves and others, so they can make their lives better,” says Dave Winsborough, the head of Hogan X. “That’s why we were adamant about making this tool completely free. We believe that self-knowledge is a right and should not come with a price tag.”

The assessment leverages Hogan Assessments’ four decades of personality research and data, which is widely accepted as the most reliable personality science in the world. It is the first time Hogan X and Hogan Assessments have moved away from the world of work to focus solely on people.

“By combining Hogan personality science with cutting-edge technology, we are quickly positioning ourselves at the forefront of our industry in both reliability and technology,” says Uri Ort, Hogan X’s Manager of Innovation. “And, this is only the beginning. We have numerous projects well underway, which will continue pushing the boundaries of personality science.”

To take the assessment or for more information, visit HoganX.io or connect with Hogan X on Facebook.

Distributor Spotlight: metaBeratung Focusing on Innovation in Leadership

It’s no secret that technology is affecting all facets of our lives. Social media has affected how organizations attract new customers. Smartphones have put the internet at our fingertips, which has changed the way we communicate, how we access information, and even how we order lunch. But, how will it affect leadership?metaBeratung Logo

metaBeratung, a Hogan Distributor in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, is staying at theforefront of this issue as it is hugely impactful to the global workforce. Organizational landscapes have changed and continue to change. Therefore, what it takes to be an effective leader has also changed. metaBeratung, in conjunction with IMD Business School, recently examined the qualities and competencies that translate to effective leadership in today’s workforce.

Agile Leadership in an Age of Digital Disruption

In 2017, metaBeratung became an official partner of IMD Business School in Switzerland, and conducted a study that revealed why leaders need to adapt their approach to leadership.

“This is a win-win collaboration for us,” says Nicole Neubauer, managing director of metaBeratung Switzerland. “On the one hand, will we be working together on joint research, on the other, we are able to offer IMD executive programs to our clients based on individual development needs. A perfect match.” Read More »

Podcast: Dr. Hogan Discusses Future of High Potential Programs

HRD Connect LogoIt’s no secret that identifying high potentials (HIPOs) is a hot topic in the global discussion on talent management, and for good reason. Those who hold leadership positions today will inevitably move on or retire. Thus the need to identify and develop successors is vital to the future of organizations worldwide.

Numerous organizations across the globe have implemented HIPO programs to groom the next generation of leaders. Unfortunately, most organizations are not very good at identifying HIPOs. Instead of using data and objective measures that are backed by science, companies tend to promote those who emerge, such as the confident, charismatic, and politically savvy individuals. However, science tells us those who emerge are often ineffective.

In an interview with HRD Connect in Amsterdam, Dr. Hogan addressed the HIPO topic, and offers his top tips for assessing employee potential.

If HIPOs are critical to the success and sustainability of your organization, contact a Hogan consultant or visit hoganhipo.com.