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The Eye of the Perceiver

In recent preparation for some out-of-town company, I panicked at the state of my house. The carpets had not been vacuumed, the bathtubs not scrubbed, and the mirrors needed glass cleaner, desperately.

Narcissism: A truth universally acknowledged…by all but one

  With a college background in literature, I tend to relate ideas and concepts to narrative forms deriving anywhere from the classics to contemporary rom-coms (I don’t discriminate). So, when I see narcissism trending in the news, I inevitably search my story database for an exaggerated narcissistic character for comparison. And who should pop into… Read more »

What’s Your Greatest Weakness?

There’s a cool post from David Reese, who leads people and culture at Medallia, a Silicon Valley software startup that measures and provides data on customer experience, in which he explains the need for an honest answer to the common interview question “what is your greatest weakness?” 

What’s Keeping HR up at Night?

As Big Data and technology swoop in to change the face of HR forever, it’s no wonder HR practitioners are having a few nightmares about their future. We’ve identified 5 problem children for the HR industry this year:

Are You Vain Enough to Get Ahead?

“You don’t have to be a total narcissist to be a successful executive – but a solid dash of ego can help,” Rachel Feintzeig, a management reporter for the Wall Street Journal, writes in WSJ’s At Work blog. And she’s right. Citing sources from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Nebraska at… Read more »

Toxic Leaders

For me, nothing is better than a good Bill Murray movie – especially the underappreciated 1981 classic Stripes. In case you aren’t familiar, here is the plot synopsis on Rotten Tomatoes.