CEOs in Crisis: The Influence of Leaders’ Everyday Strengths (Part 1)

The new realities shaped by the disruptive and complex moment we are experiencing are completely different for each organization. This situation is forcing some companies to completely reinvent themselves, while others are unable to operate as needed. Others (the least common group, especially in Colombia) are seeing turnover grow at unexpected levels. The personality characteristics of the CEOs of the companies influence the consequences that each of the companies is experiencing as a result of the pandemic.

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Survival Skills: Who Will Succeed in the Automated Labor Market?

Automation has long been altering labor markets and eliminating jobs. Recent research suggests that up to 47% of U.S. jobs are at risk of becoming automated within the next 20 years.1 That percentage varies from country to country, but it consistently falls above the 40% mark. Although automation is largely thought to threaten low-skill jobs, advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have made advanced-skill jobs, such as contract lawyer or diagnostician, vulnerable.

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Follow Hogan Assessments on WeChat!

Hogan Assessments is proud to introduce the official Hogan WeChat account. Used by most companies with a footprint in the China market, WeChat is a multipurpose app developed by Tencent with more than one billion active users who span the globe.

Hogan’s WeChat account will feature unique articles, written in Simplified Chinese, about Hogan and personality assessments with the goal of educating the China market and Chinese audiences about the Hogan’s talent management solutions.

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Leading into the “New Normal”

As governments around the world are under increased demands to reopen, leaders everywhere are making decisions in the face of staggering uncertainty and conflicting information. In many ways, the decisions that first closed down businesses and quarantined cities, although certainly difficult, were much easier exercises in short-term decision making and execution than those that leaders will have to make for the longer-term journey.

And now everyone is asking, what will this “new normal” look like?

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Hogan Now Offering Virtual Certification Workshops

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Hogan Assessment Certification Workshops are now offered virtually using Zoom. In the wake of the pandemic, the Hogan Global Learning team quickly transitioned its previously scheduled in-person workshops scheduled through June 30 to the virtual platform, and the feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the responses Hogan has received via post-workshop surveys:

“The flexibility of being able to attend online was a real bonus, especially considering that I needed to get the information quickly. Brandy and Jackie did a great job leading virtually.” 

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Leveraging Values to Keep Individuals and Teams Engaged

The world of work, and our individual and collective place in it, has been continually shifting over the past hundred years. But with the current unprecedented global disruption, these shifts have become dramatic and jarring, seemingly redefining weekly what it means to work. Employee motivation has been thrust into the spotlight, and for good reason. People’s motives affect, at conscious and unconscious levels, the way they make sense of and respond to the world around them.

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Breathing Awareness and Flourishing with Awair’s Webinar Series

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 became a serious health threat all over the world and everyone was forced to lock up at home in self-quarantine, it was clear that everyday routine – going to work included – was abruptly interrupted for an indefinite period of time.

In this moment of discontinuity and need to forcedly reorganize our own daily activities, many of us have started reading, studying, participating in trainings – activities that until this very moment have been frequently neglected – to fill up all that time that suddenly is free.

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The Key to Economic Survival: Your Hiring Practices

Just a month ago, large companies in competitive industries were seeing a high rate of job turnover. Conversely, if recruitment had stopped a few months ago, the result would have been an almost immediate labor shortage.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy faces serious challenges. But there are also possibilities — this new situation will result in a larger talent pool available for hiring in the near future. Organizations already know the key for success is to hire the best people available. Whoever is ready for that will be the winner of the labor market and remain competitive in the coming months and years. Right now, job search engines in Europe report a dramatic drop in new job advertisements, but employers who persist can take advantage.

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Business Growth in Europe Is Possible and Awair Proves It

For the fourth year in a row, the Financial Times compiled with Statista, an independent research company based in Germany, FT 1000 – the annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. This list includes European companies that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2015 and 2018. The ranking suggests that the most nimble and innovative companies are thriving.

Competition at the top was tougher this year, with companies requiring a minimum growth rate of 38.4% to make the list, compared with 37.7% last year.

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Dr. Robert Hogan Receives RHR International Award for Excellence in Consulting Psychology

We're excited to announce that our very own Dr. Robert Hogan was given the 2020 RHR International Award for Excellence in Consulting Psychology at the Society of Consulting Psychology (SCP) annual conference on February 8 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The award is granted to individuals who epitomize the standards of excellence that RHR and the SCP seek to perpetuate. Dr. Hogan received the award in recognition of his distinguished career and his significant contributions to the practice of consulting psychology.

“Bob Hogan has made an extraordinary contribution to the understanding of how leaders can leverage strengths and avoid derailing behaviors as they lead organizations," said Dr. Paul Winum, senior partner and co-head of Board & CEO Services for RHR International. "He is a well-deserving recipient of the RHR Award for Excellence in Consultation and embodies the professionalism and impact our firm seeks to deliver and recognize through this award.”

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