VIDEO: Hogan’s Karen Fuhrmeister Delivers TEDx Talk at University of Tulsa

Have you ever taken a Buzzfeed quiz to tell you what Harry Potter house you’re in? Or maybe what character from The Office you are most like? How much weight do you put on the results of those quizzes? Would you want companies making hiring decisions based on similar assessments?

In March, Hogan Senior Research Consultant Karen Fuhrmeister gave a TEDx Talk at the University of Tulsa on “The Science Behind Hiring Assessments: It’s Not a Waste of Time.” The talk aimed to inform students and other attendees about the use of personality assessments in the workplace, and how this trend isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it’s becoming more and more likely that those going through the interviews will be asked to take one of these assessments.

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VIDEO: Dr. Adrian Furnham Makes Special Visit to Hogan HQ

The Hogan team recently hosted Dr. Adrian Furnham at its global headquarters in Tulsa for a special visit. As one of leading personality psychologists in the world, Furnham has a been a vocal advocate of using Hogan for decades. He regularly points to Hogan in media interviews and articles as the most accurate predictor of workplace performance in the world, and he also was a key figure in the 2014 documentary, The Science of Personality.

As part of his visit, Dr. Furnham delivered a special presentation to the Hogan team highlighting the research he’s been doing. Here’s the full-length version of his talk:

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News from India

India’s financial and commercial capital, Mumbai, played host to the inaugural Hogan Users Conference organized by ThreeFish Consulting, the Master Distributor for Hogan Assessments in India on February 27th. The series aims to provide an ideal platform for the Hogan Users Community in India to interact with luminaries in the field of leadership and talent development from India along with key global Hogan practitioners and leaders.

The inaugural Hogan Users Conference focused the spotlight on the interrelationship between personality, leadership, and performance, and featured panel discussions covering a wide range of topics. The list of speakers featured luminaries in the field of leadership and talent development from India along with key global Hogan practitioners and leaders, including Ryan Ross, Managing Partner, Hogan Assessments; Dustin Hunter, Practice Manager, International Distributors, Hogan Assessments; and Gus McIntosh CEO, Winsborough Consulting, the New Zealand Hogan Assessments distributor. Delegates also engaged in some post-lunch fun during the Fireside Chat session, when they shared some interesting stories using fun props!

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RELEVANT’S and Odgers Berndtson´s JAM SESSION in Frankfurt to Feature Robert Hogan and Scott Gregory

RELEVANT Managementberatung and Odgers Berndtson will host a JAM SESSION on July 4 in Frankfurt featuring Hogan Assessments Chairman & President Dr. Robert Hogan and CEO Scott Gregory as speakers.

The theme of the event is “New Leadership? Authentic in Turbulent Times,” and aims to provide an opportunity for all RELEVANT and Odgers customers, partners, and friends to come together, learn from case studies, and discuss how leadership in times of continued transformation might change.

With New Work expected to change everything, leadership faces completely new challenges. It is clear that there is insecurity in executive search and selection, management development, and career planning about which success factors from the past (may) still apply in the future and where new approaches are necessary. Even current managers are asking themselves whether they are fit for the future. Therein lies the purpose of this event: What can we learn from the past and how can leaders be successful and authentic in the future?

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Empower Leaders Consulting Hosts Successful Hogan China Event

On Friday, March 22, Empower Leaders Consulting (ELC), one of Hogan’s China distributors, hosted a half-day Hogan event in Shanghai for its clients and their Hogan certified network. Nancy Zhang, founder and CEO of ELC, invited Hogan representative Krista Pederson to announce ELC’s official launch of the updated Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop and Advanced Certification Workshops in China.

ELC also invited two important clients, Dowell Real Estate Group and Faurecia Services Group, to share case studies on their Hogan use. Huang Xue, Director of HR Talent Development and Head of Culture at Dowell shared how Hogan has transformed Dowell company culture and become a crucial part of the entire employee lifecycle, from external and internal selection to high potential and leadership development. Wei Wei, Director of HR for greater China at Faurecia, explained how they have used Hogan for over a decade and how it has helped them address various talent needs during different cycles in the market.

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RECAP: Mentis Hosts 2019 Hogan Summit in Dubai

On February 24 in Dubai, more than 70 CEOs, HR managers, executive coaches, and talent management professionals attended the 2019 Hogan Summit, hosted by Mentis, an authorized Hogan distributor since 2003 with operations in the UK, UAE, and Thailand.

The theme of the event was “Identifying and Developing Your Talent Network,” and featured presentations by Andrew Salisbury, CEO of Mentis; Alia Al Serkal, Vice President of People Learning and Growth at Du; Delel Chaabouni, IT Senior Director at PepsiCo AMENA; and Marcus Gee, Consultant at Mentis.

Representing Hogan at the event was Hogan Chairman & President, Dr. Robert Hogan, who spoke about leadership and humility, and Hogan Managing Partner, Ryan Ross, who spoke about employability.

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Hogan at SIOP 2019

Hogan at SIOP 2019

I-O experts from Hogan’s Research and Consulting divisions will showcase advances in personality research during an impressive 19 sessions, symposia, panel discussions, practice forums, and poster sessions at the 34th Annual SIOP Conference in Washington DC, April 4-6. Visit us at booth #303. #hoganatsiop

Thursday, April 4


Understanding Curvilinear Relationships in Selection Research and Practice

Chesapeake A-C

Understanding how individual characteristics influence various organizational outcomes, particularly in curvilinear fashion, is crucial for selection research and practice. Five studies are presented that utilize a variety of methods to demonstrate curvilinear relationships between individual characteristics and organizational outcomes. Findings are discussed in a scientist–practitioner framework.

Kimberly Nei, Michael Tapia, Matt Lemming, Karen Fuhrmeister

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Hogan Visits Singapore

The Hogan team including Dr. Robert Hogan, Ryan Ross, Wendy Howell, and Krista Pederson joined Hogan distributor Optimal Consulting in Singapore last week for two days of events.  On February 28, Hogan and Optimal cosponsored the HR Tech Conference in Singapore which covered topics related to digital technology, AI, and maintaining a future outlook for the HR Industry in Asia. As the keynote to the conference, Dr. Hogan spoke on Personality and the Fate of Organizations and presented an elite invite-only session on Identifying the Future-Oriented High Potential. Ryan Ross led a panel about Skilling Your Workforce from 3.0 to 4.0, and Krista and the Optimal team held further discussions about Hogan at the Hogan Optimal booth.

Following up with the topic of Technology and the HR field in Asia, Dr. Hogan presented on Digital Leadership at an exclusive event held by Optimal on March 1. He discussed about how the characteristics for good leaders including Integrity, Competence, Judgment, and Vision, do not change based on technology. He maintained that these characteristics are essential for growing and maintaining high performing teams. He warned, however, that if leaders do not pay attention and adapt to new technology, these leaders will quickly fall by the way side.

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Don’t Miss Early-Bird Registration for RELEVANT´s “JAM SESSION” in Frankfurt

Time is running out to register for RELEVANT´s JAM SESSION in Frankfurt, Germany, at a discounted price of EUR 79 plus VAT. The early-bird registration is open until February 28, with the price increasing to EUR 99 plus VAT on March 1.

The event, hosted by RELEVANT Managementberatung, an authorized Hogan Assessments distributor from Germany, will be held on July 4 and will also feature presentations by corporate and consulting experts. Moreover, they will welcome Dr. Robert Hogan as well as Hogan CEO, Dr. Scott Gregory, as special guests who will also be on stage.

RELEVANT’s interactive session, “New Leadership? Authentic in Turbulent Times,” provides the opportunity for all RELEVANT customers, partners, and friends to come together, learn from case studies, and discuss how leadership in times of continued transformation might change, how it affects managers, and how managers can be supported addressing turbulent times in a way that is true to their personality.

Space is limited, so register here today

Diversity and the Dark Side

Diversity in the workplace remains a top concern for HR professionals and hiring managers. Changing the hiring process is a necessary step in preventing discrimination and keeping ahead of the competition --  a recent study from the Center for Talent Innovation found workplaces that ensure diversity enjoy more success and attract more innovative employees than workplaces that don’t.

However, any institutional change will fail if leaders and hiring managers aren’t driven to build a climate that encourages diversity. It’s not always easy to spot those who will let their biases negatively impact those around them, but early research suggests those with high Bold and Excitable scales might not foster inclusive environments.

Hogan’s in-house research team is always looking to find new applications for our assessments. With that in mind, Brandon Ferrell and Steve Nichols conducted a meta-analysis of results from four Hogan Development Survey (HDS) studies to measure which personality scales hinder leaders’ ability to leverage diversity.

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