Hogan Assessments Launches Candidate Assessment Suite

Candidate Assessment Suite

We’re excited to announce the official launch of the Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite the most robust talent acquisition solution in the industry.

Hiring used to be a shot in the dark. With the Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite, hiring is a fast and valid prediction of performance, packaging Hogan’s rigorous science in the simplest user experience. Whatever the role, this new platform identifies the best performers based on millions of workplace performance data points.

“Hogan has been the gold standard in measuring personality to predict workplace performance for decades. Now we are combining that quality with incredibly easy-to-use technology,” said Hogan CEO Scott Gregory, Ph.D. “When you combine our science with the latest technology, you can make faster, well-informed hiring decisions to ensure you find the right person for the right position. There simply is not a better candidate selection platform on the market.”

The Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite allows users to screen hundreds of applicants at once to find the best candidates in seconds, effectively streamlining the entire hiring process for nearly every job in the modern economy. It further simplifies the process by offering users the following features:

  • Quickly create new projects for new hiring roles.
  • Tailor projects to what matters most for the role and organization.
  • Send assessments to an entire candidate pool at once.
  • Sort, filter, and screen candidates quickly and easily on multiple layers of data.
  • Get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s predicted performance.

Additionally, the Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite delivers overall job family scores with interpretive text, additional competency options, and recommendations for behavioral interview questions. It also provides a description of each candidate’s work style, personality insights, and job family competency scores, taking the guesswork out of the hiring process.

“The Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite is a game-changer,” said Gregory. “At Hogan, one of our core values from the very beginning was to improve the global workforce with valid, unbiased personality assessments. This new platform is a testament to how serious we are about adhering to the values that made us the global leader in our industry.”

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