CEO Behavior

CEO personality can lead to major corporate blunders. Materialism and rule breaking are two types of CEO behavior that can tacitly foster an environment of the same. So, what should organizations do?

Personality of Elite Athletes

Success for elite athletes isn’t just a physical feat. Here’s what we learned about the personality of elite athletes when roughly 600 football players in the ’21 and ’22 NFL draft classes completed our personality tests.

5 Engaging Virtual Team-Building Activities

Virtual team-building games, activities, exercises, and strategies for bringing remote or hybrid teams together encourage collaboration. Read on for five approaches to virtual team-building activities.

Personality and Role Replacement

When a role becomes vacant, we usually strive to replace the person, not the personality. But is that really the most equitable and efficient way to tackle role replacement, particularly employee replacement? Learn more.

The Superstar Effect

The presence of a superstar impacts the performance of other people around them—often in a negative way. This is known as the superstar effect. When integrating superstars into teams, defining the competition is key.

Successful Teams Throughout History

How have humans collectively become so deadly and dominant over our environment? The answer has to do with teamwork. Join us for a discussion of successful teams throughout history.