What Thenamaris Learned by Using Personality Assessments

When Thenamaris discovered a need to strengthen talent development aboard its shipping vessels, the approach had to be grounded in science. Here’s what the shipping company learned from using Hogan’s personality assessments for leadership development at sea.

Why Freud Matters

Robert Hogan, PhD, our founder and president, explains why Freud matters to modern personality psychology using seven key ideas from Freudian theory.

Using AI to Interpret Hogan Scores

GPTs might be capable of interpreting personality assessment results, but they are often incorrect. Read our statement on why you shouldn’t use AI systems to interpret Hogan scores.

What the Dark Triad Misses

The Dark Triad refers to narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. But those aren’t all the dark-side personality characteristics. What are the others?