The Rocket Model: The Pervasive Nature of Team Norms

Norms are unwritten rules that guide human behavior. Examples include elevator and airport security line etiquette. Most people “know” what to do when entering an elevator full of strangers: enter the elevator, face the door, don’t make eye contact or engage in conversation, and leave quickly when reaching the desired floor. In airport security lines: take a bin; quickly fill it with shoes, jackets, laptops, liquids, etc.; put the bin and any luggage on the conveyor belt; walk through the body scanner; and then like Lucille Ball in the candy factory, reassemble everything as quickly as possible. Like all norms, those governing elevator and security line behavior are not written down but everyone is expected to abide by them. Those who don’t observe the norms are considered aberrant. Read More »

Meet the Dreamer

She’s the idea woman, the visionary, the one with incense in her office and flowers in her hair. She doesn’t just think outside the box, she lives her life outside the box. Sure, her methods may be a bit unorthodox, but you have to dream big things to do big things.

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When your Dark Side Goes Viral

Here in the Hogan marketing department, we spend quite a bit of time talking about the dark side of personality – the way people experience us when we are at our worst.

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The Real Challenge at Yahoo

Yahoo recently announced the hiring of Marissa Mayer – employee number 20 at Google – as its new CEO. Her appointment is noteworthy for a few reasons; she has been appointed CEO in a notoriously male‑dominated industry, she is the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and as has been widely reported, Ms. Mayer is pregnant and expecting her first child in October. The vast majority of press concerning her appointment to date has centered on this last bit of news, inciting discussion and debates about balancing careers and personal lives, and how she will manage through late-term pregnancy and her maternity leave. While this will certainly be an adjustment, Ms. Mayer will enjoy an army of help and plethora of resources that most new parents have never dreamed of. She will be able to manage this transition just fine.

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Are You Aware of Awareness Coaching?

In the face of ever-shrinking budgets and less resources to devote to employee development, many companies face a similar problem: providing current and potential leadership with critical professional development opportunities.

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Bridging the Gap from Potential to Performance

Strong leadership is a crucial ingredient for a successful company. With highly qualified people at the top, the entire organization is more likely to outperform the competition and hold on to their most talented employees. Yet, many organizations lack a tried-and-true method for identifying and developing those employees who show leadership potential. Read More »